The Sung Dongil X Geewon Ha X Yoonchin Kim lumping with ‘security’ and lineup where it believes


The actor Sung Dongil, Geewon Ha, Yoonchin Kim, Heewon Kim, and etc. decided the movie ‘security’ performance. The collateral ‘ is the extraordinary talk which it visited one woman (characters of one’s name) to get the money which two were rough and ignorant seats of bond collector is bilked and gets to take care of his young daughter in the collateral abruptly and gets wider. The Sung Dongil undertook the ignorant bond collector 2 seat role among the pole. The entrusted multiplication, as to Geewon Ha acts the part to 2 seats with the security abruptly. All Moeun the producer Jegyun Yoon director of JK film Geewon Ha finishing the relation with ‘is vanity’ ‘haeundae’ ‘the wonder of 1 street’ back among these and interest it getting back together again almost in 10 yearsYoonchin Kim is small but the quantity donates Yoonchin Kim as the core character characters of one’s name role of the movie. All Moeun the interest He is known to propose Roh guarantee appearance on the stage as the loyalty worked with ‘harmony’ Daegyu Kang director and ‘international market’ Jegyun Yoon director in advance And the Chung-mu road ‘the since tiller’ Heewon Kim undertakes the junior kind Bae role which there 2 of 2 seat is no and is planning to infuse the cheerful energy into the movie. The impressions was delivered as Daegyu Kang director that in charge of direction “the value which the universality that it is the feeling and love to our audiences living a life of the present age which was hard-hearted and which it gets tired is apposite wanted to be talked” “it is the mind in which the veteran actors having common the meaning of the work choose the appearance and which thanks”. Because of being the character in which the feeling went more to the distributor CJ Entertainment to “2 seats are crude but is pure and is rough but have the delicate sensibility” ” now than trying any kind of character and which the attachment goes, as soon as the scenario was seen, the appearance was determined, the Sung Dongil revealed the appearance on the stage reason. As to the Geewon Ha “the scenario which the strong story which it cannot take off was charming as soon as soon as soon as it grabbed and it is quiet but ‘ mortgage ‘ thinks again about the human because of because of because of being the human drama inspiring the long lingering imagery. “, “the mind which is cheerful and warm would like to be imparted to the audience by the work” told the wish. The security ‘ cranks in April. It is planning to meet with the audience in the second half of this year.
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