The triumph and enlistment Vs smoke… argument pro and con


While the former member wi (29· one’s real name two wins string) of the big bang is getting every kind crime suspicion with the club burning sun which I managed, it attracts attention and there are argument pro and con of the netizen related to the enlistment of the wi. As the statement and context, and etc. of which the police is various is secured and it is speeding up in the investigation, it has the phase which is the enlistment divided into the position that it has to finish the well done investigation and position that it has to fulfill the duty of the national defense separately from the investigation with the smoke and is waging the verbal battle against. It tells that Military Manpower Administration gets the military delay in joining the army document of the wi among these and the dispute is heavier. The netizens receive ” punishment against with this properly. ” (pyr2***) and ” army the Geuphanya the sound like any kind of army is cost The person and criminal event which this is implicated is the several now. If it runs away to the military, it is the blank, does ” (alsn***) and ” military the investigation go to anyone now? Does the criminal accept? (cheo***) the comment of the etc. was left and it urged strongly to concentrate on ‘the gate cut the burning’ and related investigation. The opinion of the netizens showing this and other opinion is considerable. Finish the duty of the people. Ani it doesn’t go to the military at this rate. (chow****) the, ” Eojja blood probation of is likely to be come out. Just, all strings the military or eyes it is insisting the joining the army has to be preceded with ” (dkdn****) and comment of “it will hold breath to withstand pain so that it can join the army if I will be the triumph” (skdn****) back it goesIt is the Jongno in Seoul on 14th and after finishing the overseas sexual entertainment good offices charge relation investigation progressing in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team, the victory mentions previously the joining the army directly. The delay in joining the army of He is planning to apply officially to ” the Military Manpower Administration at that time. If it permitted, the enrollment of decide to be played a role and it decide to be sincerely investigated to the end and said and was the strong will for the delay in joining the army the steps. However, the Military Manpower Administration office of spokesperson is said “the document related to the delay in joining the army of the wi yet has never been gotten” on 18th and the large-scale dispute is foretold in relation to the enlistment whether to postpone.
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