· flood string which the girl is worm-eaten, it is Yoo, the foil undertakes and same mess… actor conversion advance notice


The group girl was worm-eaten and it nested in the place where the member Yura is fresh. Like this, the Eosseom I NT explained on 20th to finish the Yura and exclusive contract which revealed and is playing an active part in many fields including the song and acting, article talents, and etc. and start the working. The Eosseom I NT people concerned said “the possibility which can be grown into not only fascination as the singer like the existence good but also actor to is enough prepared” “In order to show the talent of the Yura and passion, it is planning to support in various angles, the expectancy which is abundant in the new working is asked afterward”. As to the Eosseom I NT, the flood side light which the foil undertakes belongs. The Eosseom I NT is expected to have grown into the management company suggesting the more colorful color through the recruit of the Yura. Meantime, the hot popularity was gotten and the love which is big to home and abroad k pop (K-POP) fans was gotten every the song in which it announces the year 2,010 girl group Geolseu part Iro debut called Yoo, ‘brilliantly’, ‘it expects’, and ‘something’ (something) back. Besides, the healthy fascination was released that it appeared on the variety program which ‘2,016 Tasty Road’ and ‘after the play ends’ back is various and was bright and rose as the leader of the article talents stone and the scope of activity was extended. Meantime, it is appearing on Yoo, now, the channel A variety program ‘ride on the airplane’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748551.htm, 2019/03/20 16:29:13]