The decoration having carry the Chungha and world biggest music festival SXSW invitation…


The highlight image main opened on 15th world biggest music festival ‘the South bi South West’ (the South By Southwest and under SXSW) formal YouTube channel which the singer Chungha is over was decorated. The revealed image heart ask is the special work that all men of ” everywhere in the world can come on this place and It can become this one part. When holding for the first time because of being invited to this show, it was so happy and shouted and the beyond ones power impressions was conveyed. Chungha opened the stage in the showcase which received the official invitation from ‘SXSW Korea spot light’ (SXSW Korea Spotlight) taking place in Austin nothing part heater and is continued next day until dawn at last 13th. More, all Moeun the attention the line selected as the world 3 shot music festival is bought with SXSW ‘great Britain with the enormous festival which puts together the various field including the music, movie, and etc. after starting in 1987 for the first time’ Deo great ESC ‘ (The Great Escape) and ‘midem’ (MIDEM) of the FranceOf the person with the music it is the producer including the icon sweeping every kind of chart and awards ceremony in this showcase including Chungha with ‘it loved’ last year, person of real ability hip-hop duo is getting the love call of the world use festival the rain age and review media pitch fork (Pitchfork) of the world authority takes notice it is small XXX, Girls’ Generation, exo, red velvet, which and etc. It was suspicious and it was the Kkira standing out and (KIRARA) attended the Hitchhiker serves the color (Hitchhiker) and Korean Music Awards very best dance & electronic record prize which the sense of presence and the local fans were gone wildly excited. The new musical composition ‘already, 12 o’clock’ of the Chungha brought out put the new musical composition ‘already, 12 o’clock’ of the Chungha name in six Wi of music chart U.S.A Billboard world digital eulogy sales of the highest authority in the world in last January. The attention is concentrated in the pass global of the Chungha which is eminent as the domestic representative woman artist from the spotlight of the Billboard till ‘SXSW’.
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