The Yeongtak and teuroteu excitement with ‘why you come out there’


The singer Yeongtak is arousing ‘the teuroteu excitement’. Yeongtak the various event stages as well ases every kind of online, radio, article talents appearance on the stage, and etc. is the activity with ‘why you come out there’ actively. ‘why you come out there’ which is being strongly memorized whenever it listened once participated in the actor Goeun agar narration as the semi teuroteu in which the rock music and teuroteu is mixed. It is making to move up and down the shoulder at the moment when the strong other sound and rhythm meets with the vocalist of the Yeongtak and it listens. It participates in the composition directly and especially the love is monopolized along with the sentence, that is the popularity word in fashion, called “why you come out there” with ‘the Yeongtak table mounting eulogy’. ‘why you come out there’ dance composition image revealed to the formal SNS channel of the Yeongtak is the topic. The someone or the point choreographing which can be followed easily and housekeeping and expression of the Yeongtak which it is shaken by any moment, is stand out witted. The interest is stepping if It becomes the semi teuroteu tune in which ‘why you come out there’ will captivate the previous generation because of the live ability of the witty housekeeping and point choreographing which the toxicity is strong and Yeongtak emphasizing this altogether. The sister accurately, ‘the Yeongtak making debut’ participates in the Jun Guk Noraejarang ‘,’ 6 the o’clock in hometown ‘,’ Yu Hee-Yeol the sketchbook ‘it appeared in the broadcasting which the back is various’ the City Hunter ‘,’ 49 day ‘,’ lady part integration ‘ the back drama OST.
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