Haze is good. Do not worry (image)


Haze speaks chivalrously to the criticism of ‘I feel good because of being like that’ (haze and ‘SHE’S FINE middle school) Hater to the reviewers sending the eye line which the concern is young to the musicality and ex-boyfriend. It is ‘if because of being good, it didn’t pay attention and gave, it will thank truly’ the word. If it opened, as to of the separated floor of the Royal Palace and ‘the sound source queen’ haze verifying as the result the real-time chart higher rank came back to one album of regular album. The housework of in which it is contained to be candid haze and melody and fascination which the trendy installs was to the full served witty. The debut first regular album ‘the cis-fine’ (She’s Fine) of the haze was revealed p.m. 6 on 19th. The open immediately after and double title song ‘the cis-fine’ of the album this time and ‘accordingly’ (Feat The Colde) takes the Bugs Music and orle. It puts name in the domestic major sound source site real-time chart higher rank including the Naver-music, sound sea, and etc. and is going well. The cis-fine (She’s Fine) is the regular album which haze taking a step the world of singers start to the first single ‘the little is more wandered’ announces with the debut for the first time in 5 years in 2014. The virtual actress was set to the speaker of the album this time and the real story of haze was added to the various story including her love, parting, life, idea, and etc. and haze completed the total 11 track. Satmal Ga answering to the men who the first title song ‘the cis-fine’ (SHE’S FINE) of the album and same name wishes to be not good and ask to be good “it is really good” is impressive. Especially the rhythmical vocal of haze peculiarity and tune mood stands out. The second opinion title song ‘accordingly’ (feat accomplish the two-top of the album this time with ‘the cis-fine’ (SHE’S FINE) The Colde) smells of the atmosphere, that is the direct opposition, in the song which deals the talk of the day morning after breaking with the love man with ‘the cis-fine’. The melody which is calm and lyrical is the feature. All strings the featuring which the recording song is splendid the attention The Son Woochung, it was the napple and the musicians of the Deung various genres supported the first regular albums of haze beginning with Simon Minik Do. The reason and besides particular tune ‘reason’ showing the mind which loves there is no condition and song ‘Dispatch’ (feat saying these realities undergoing the non-disclosure love and parting ‘it would like to hide’ (with singing the feeling which it would like to hide it avoids the Simon Dominic) and eye of the men and voice The Son Woochung, the sweetheart and ‘Buddy’ (feat which draws the mind back to after parting The DAVII) comprised the album front part. The track of which the world view of haze is contained to be listened in the latter half. ‘that idea gets suddenly’ (feat putting the stubborn consolation toward me ‘your timber’ (feat which is born in the Nafla) and next life as the tree and sings the heart that it would like to wait for you around the seat like the lifetime It is vacant now but it shows the thankful mind for the love men and haze sees the Chou-Jung) and paper which it scribbles actually and the melody ‘the hidden mail’ (empty ver.) which it will get to fill is like that for the voice of haze some time ago with ‘knock sir’ and ‘E.T’ sings the farewell greeting of when it describes the scene included in this leaf as it is. It is haze who was its own carrier Ssaat through the various musical attempts after appearing in the Eon pretty Labstar ‘ and letting the public know the face. However, there was a lot of the work in which the outcome of the meanwhile is devalued. The album is constantly put out in spite of being like that. It is haze stopping diligently at the stage. It was grandly at the front of public with one album of regular album now. The someone what is and it is the reason why his 2 familly, 3 familly, and music to is expected it tells as one which does or goes to its own way to be clever.
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