‘money’ and ‘the captain marble’ were broken. The first place of movie premiere box office


‘the captain marble’ in which the movie ‘money’ left all the other runners far behind for 14 days was broken and the first place of box office was occupied, solder 한 ‘money’ (the supervision Nuri Park) used 165,838 people audiences according to 21 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result for this day at last 20th. 254,186 people was ranking and the accumulated audience including the unsealing all premiere, and etc. was for the first place of box office. This is the result that it shows no. 5,258 on 1,146 screens across the country. All Damat the talk which gets to get involved in the plan which bets the large sum after the new stocks broker work string (the Ryujun heat) which the richman wanted to be gets to meet the sin plan designer number ticket (the Yu Ji-tae) in the veil and the money ‘ gets wider It was the entertaining movie doing the Korean Wall Street in Yeouido with the background with the work in which the actor Ryujun ten, Yu Ji-tae, and encounter gin back appears, 46,045 audiences saw Wi as ‘the captain marble’ with 2 at last 20th day. The accumulated audience mobilized 4.801421 million people. ‘the captain marble’ which kept the first place of box office after opening at last sixth fell simultaneously into the second with the unsealing of ‘money’, Wi, as to ‘the bad quality police’ and quarternity are 3 ‘idol’. ‘the bad quality police’ gathered 33,072 audiences. It ranking 36,155 accumulated audience. 27,183 audiences watched the movie for the day and ‘idol’ gathered 36,689 accumulated audience. It is the situation where it writes the number of spectator than ‘the bad quality police’ on 1st but ‘idol’ is leading in the accumulated number of spectator. Like this, the mood of the box office in which the foreign currency was the mainstream while the Korean movie of ‘money’ ‘the bad quality police’ ‘idol’ back pitched on a full scale was reversed. Meantime.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748603.htm, 2019/03/21 10:21:30]