“the cocaine dosage” police V S “lie detector” The triumph and tug of war over truth Ing


While the statement that the singer victory medicated the cocaine came out, the victory denied this, Philippines Ppallawan birthday party of the victory MBN ‘8 newses’ reported the sexual entertainment suspicion and cocaine dosage suspicion with 20 with the day afternoon at that time. The police secured the statement that the victory medicated the cocaine in the overseas according to this. It figured out as one which it judged that this statement had the reliability and asked the victory for the private and finishes the investigation. The triumph was asked for the non-disclosure at last 18th and the police investigated. The concrete dosage date, and etc. is confirmed. However, the narcotic related charges is denied and the triumph is denying the great strength about “one informant and cross-investigation will get the related statement” “the polygraph test against will be hit” the suspicion still. Besides, it revealed that statement that the police, as to the birthday party triumph introduced the sexual entertainment or prostitution at that time was secured. One that it accomplished in the year 2,017 birthday party which is not in the previously known year 2,015 Kakaotalk chatting room The police is investigating against the condition the women who calls the man mobilizing the women at that time and finishes the investigation. Meantime, the Military Manpower Administration revealed the Military Manpower Administration in March 25th at last 20th that 3 months delaid the enrollment date of the expected victory.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748587.htm, 2019/03/21 08:03:59]