The cold-heartedness,… childbrith toward and backward comparison it was changed


After uploading the recent condition photo after the girl group jewellery singer of origin and actor cold-heartedness agar childbrith, the happening which was enveloped in the forming dispute and which it puts out till the official position happened. One received due to the appearance which is changed it fails to recognize until ‘the surgical operation suspicion’The short greeting was left on 20th its own Instagram which the cold-heartedness is well known with the recent condition photograph. The Deut which He gets married and the impression is changed, the agar produces and is and changed It uploaded to it will seem to undergo, will enjoy the face which the dark circle will happen due to “***” childcare, is swollen. All strings the attention ear eye mouth and nose are changed it is difficult the old days impression which the photo heart cold-heartedness is well known for is searched He told that He didn’t get the treatment directly. However, after watching the photo, the treatment suspicion was suggested and the several netizens started. In conclusion, the agency jelly fish entertainment came out on the elucidation. The agency drew on 20th, “the molding makes no sense” “the swelling doesn’t drop out after delivering” the line. It been loved for the agile jaw line and heavy snow which the childbrith all cold-heartedness is well known and appearance. One which made and gets the impression which is changed so that for this reason, the edema right after childbrith can fail to recognize until ‘molding procedure’ doubt of the netizenAll Maeeot the professional golfer Sangwoo Jeon in one wedding hall of meantime the cold-heartedness is well known last May 2016 on 15th Seoul Gangnam-ku which and marriage vow ㅇ gave the begetting a daughter news with the marriage after at last eighth in 3 years.
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