The fresh start without block rain Baseuttajeu comeback and Geekko is succeeded.


The group block ratio Baseuttajeu (the authoritative and extra-ordinariness it spreads) comes back. Block ratio Baseuttajeu, at last 20th afternoon, 3 the number the mini album ‘I’ M A the Mess.’ through the formal SNS channel(The scalpel AIM can be frozen) the teaser image was opened. The revealed teaser inside of image members are wearing the check suit where there is the unity. These appearance from behinds which it seems to walk toward the somehow shows the unique mood and sense of presence unlike other people. Especially, ‘I’ M A Mess along with the image 2019. 03. the curiosity for the concept that sentence of 28′ etc. takes off the opening to the public and veil and new musical composition is raised. As to the mini album of block rain Baseuttajeu revealed on the coming 28th, the solo of the member individuals is included with the total 8 tracks. The title song came and goes the blood and participated in the writing the lyrics and composition. The members took part in the direction of music video as well as the writing the lyrics of the album this time and composition. The first reveals block rain Baseuttajeu notifying comeback in advance the new song in the concert ‘WELCOME 2 BASTARZ’ (the welcome two Baseuttajeu) progressing in 29 days and 30 day afternoon YES24 livehall. The sound source of block rain Baseuttajeu is opened through every kind sound source site on 28th. And the record is released on April 4th.
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