‘the getting love ♥’ which the back giving ‘radio star’ Song Daegwan X Chang tiger shows


While MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 20th was decorated with ‘5 darlings’ feature, the Shim Geehoh and reciting alone pear giving the Seol Undo and Chang tiger appeared and the mind of the dad toward the child was completely conveyed and the warm smile with was given the audiences. Silently, alone, well, all rice paddies felt one, as to the daughter fool ‘ Seol Undo, as to the man know that be at the home ” daughter is brought up The family makes into the chaos and the sons play. One which the daughter is big and that son is big and one were different the love was expressed. Jangbeomjun was unable to help much the upbringing of infants by the reason of doing ” usual time album work. “it confessed.” the performance was determined with the sense of the Gyeom killing two birds with one stone which it has the publicizing album it did the childcare the KBS2 ‘the superman came back’ was broadcastedThe childcare is my life. After it was born “the revealing Shim Geehoh” to install rightly, the hard time was spent during so that the one’s could be not in 2 years and it was the time when at that time it shines most The childcare is not so easy after trying the first, thanks to this, “***”. As to childcare, the housekeeping is accompanied. Even if the housework was bought, it was so difficult and shared, the childcare was unable to be done alone absolutely, it told. The reciting alone pear confessed as the number of houses and families childcare ‘ middle has never gotten angry to ” children. The serious look was not tried. It is not angry in fact and connects and aren’t you if the thing which neverthless it will blame happens? Because the wife and someone chose the state fosterer approval role, “***” wife disciplined initiative, the Ssot child opened the love and I explained. Meantime, ‘radio star’ is broadcasted every week wednesday afternoon at 11:10.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748599.htm, 2019/03/21 09:56:22]