‘the hidden camera shooting · circulation suspicion’ Junyeong Chung warrant of arrest issue…”It is the concern of evidence destruction.


The singer Junyeong Chung hiting against the sexual intercourse image illegal shooting and circulation charge was arrested with the court. Seoul Central District Court Minsung Lim head judge issued on Junyeong Chung warrant essence examination hiting against the exemption law suspicion of violation including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc. the warrant of arrest about 10 high He on 21st. The concern of evidence destruction is the reason. The reason of restriction about the suspect and this suitability the accreditation benefit and protection of the law infringement possibility of the characteristic of the court “if it lights on the investigation lapse, and etc. till now and the context is seen after the crime including the condition of the core real evidence in which the calling comes to the substantial portion and which the suspect submits among the facts constituting a crime and this detail, and etc., there is the worry about the destruction of evidence” ” crime and victim side and this extent, and etc. are put togetherIt became, it explained. All charges about I will be admitted in the front of group of reporters and Junyeong Chung attending Seoul Central District Court with this day for the warrant of arrest judgment in the morning will be poured into the determination which will not compete ” (about the suspicion) and which the court makes. It revealed that lifetime on will be reflected and it will go on living. It was tied after rope and boarded the vehicle prepared in advance and Junyeong Chung finishing the judgment was faced to the Jongro Police Station jail in about 2 hours.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748690.htm, 2019/03/21 21:14:23]