The pennae and movie ‘the hot blood’ the performance decision.3 month the end start shooting


The actor pennae gave of the work news after long interval. The distributor cine crop beanpole person NT revealed on 21st, “decide the appearance on the stage hot of the blood ‘ in which the pennae is the director debut work of the bestseller writer stridor coffin. Start March end into the shooting”. The hot blood ‘ is the legitimacy Nuareu in which one man who appears and grows in the fringe oral cancer in Busan gets to get involved in the intense war between tissues for the survival. The original is the same name original novel ‘the hot blood’ of the Kim Eonsu writer who is the twenty second time Hanmusuk literary award prize-winning work. The pennae undertook organization middle executive one’s seventieth birthday station in the movie it is holding the port town oral cancer when being the manager of ten thousand Jang hotel. He dreams of the love lady and life. However, small the character one’s seventieth birthday shaking in the tension tight between organizations surrounding the oral cancer of is played a role. Meantime, finish the main part casting and crank in ‘the hot blood’ in the end of March.
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