The Keast and exclusive contract it is stingy The Yongjoon Bae · general purport Korean translation of Chinese character and same mess


The actor peppermint line nested in Keast. Keast presented the report material on 22nd and revealed to be “the schedule the peppermint line finishes the relation which to be modern with Keast and which it has been engaging the active activity”. The year 2010 the Keast management representative of section Hong Minki vice-president told “in order to will play an active part in the genre which is various with the front, it will support unsparingly” he was “the actor the peppermint line comes and goes the drama and movie after the miracle is needed, in which the drama ‘ love makes debut in 2005 and that has been piling up the wide acting spectrum including the cathode, quadrupole, comic, action, and etc” The peppermint line which it starts to receive the interest under MBC drama ‘jar’ MBC sitcom ‘ high kick All Kkeureot the popularity with the counterattack ‘ short of the leg The public love was gotten as the work activity which after ‘Ttuwikseu’ ‘three Ijeu’ ‘the spirit liquor man and woman’ and movie ‘the man police’ back is constant. The peppermint line appears on the channel A drama ‘the sweetheart of three o’clocks of weekday afternoon’ (the script Sochung Yoo and direction Kim Chungmin), that is the first half of this year broadcasting schedule. It is the work which it remakes the popular drama ‘the convolvulus and sweethearts of three o’clocks of weekday afternoon’ broadcasted in the Fuji TV in Japan in 2014 with the growth drama of the adults undergoing the severe measles by the avoided love. The peppermint line undertakes the role that the star hand is defeated and is planning to show the fatal fascination. Meantime, as to Keast, in which the peppermint good signs the exclusive contract Kim Suhyun, Chung Ryeowon, Kim Dong-wook, reason string, Udo ring, and etc. belongs among Yongjoon Bae, Hyunchoo Sohn, general purport Korean translation of Chinese character, and Kim Hyun.
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