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It is hot from the first broadcastings. KBS 2TV TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ gets the unlike other people interest of the viewers from the first broadcastings and there is. All strings the attention It is having the favorable comment toward the actor Min Namgoong who appears as the star of the drama especially the broadcast goes out continuouslyIt made a success of ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ and was min Namgoong after ‘kim Gwajang’ the number to prove its own capability? ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ broadcasted at last 20th afternoon recorded the audience rating of 9.8 % (under Nielsen Korea offer and national standard) from the first. It is MBC TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the spring comes’ broadcasted in the similar time (4.3%) and numerical value which is more ahead of SBS ‘big issue’ (4.6%). As to this work, the next increases the story which the surgery starts after the surgery ace Leeje Na expelled from the great hospital, as to the prison medical treatment manager is exaggerated. It was the medical genre. However, the differentiation was put with the medical drama broadcasted so far in that the principal story was spread in the prison. As to the hero age Je, the actor Min Namgoong acts. Leeje Na is the Hepaticae hospital critical care medicine center ace. However, the father is the character keep the unfortunate childhood put the ago and 17 tigers and auditory disabled person mother. It supports for the west Seoul prison medical department Jang position and He coming to stop due to the medical malpractice till the medical doctor’s license is planning ‘the huge taels of gold’ 3 years ago. After the first broadcasts went out, the interest toward the drama itself was hot but the favorable comment toward the star Min Namgoong continued than what. While the specific gravity of Min Namgoong occupies 8 hundred or greaters from the early stage in play comprising the prologue of the drama, it is the reason that the clever tempo control of the actor installed the large contributing. The character is expressed to be the age coming and going the good and evil based on the strong acting ability so that it can be delicate and there can be the stereoscopic property and Min Namgoong is evoking the curiosity for the next story. The remarkable meritorious deed was set in KBS 2TV ‘kim Gwajang’ and SBS ‘the beauty woman air-core’ and ‘the war of the Remember-son’ as the strong acting ability in the audience rating traction and He proved previously its own sense of presence. In the case of ‘the war of the Remember-son’, 15.1% and ‘kim Gwajang’ the highest ratings 20.3% and ‘the beauty woman air-core’ record 18.4%. The more interesting part has the point that the character which Min Namgoong ins charge of had the other grain every time. The disintegration infused the other personality with the executioner zaibatsu 2 tax south Gyu with the lawyer Dahntae Ahn who is just with the employee Kim Sungryong who was sly and is optimistic in ‘kim Gwajang’ in ‘the beauty woman air-core’ in ‘the war of the Remember-son’ to the character respectively. In case of being the same as ‘the war of the Remember-son’, although one work was not for the center, it is Min Namgoong him leaving the strong sense of presence which the hero is no less. Because of being Min Namgoong gaining recognition for the audience rating and acting ability from the first work altogether, it is natural to attract ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’, which He appears refreshingly moreover, the feeling of expectation. Min Namgoong agency 935 enter people concerned is well received from ” first broadcasting on 21st and is the luck. Even when the first broadcasts went out, it was at the peak of in the shooting of TV show and the impression which is direct to Min Namgoong could not be listened. However, it was being immersed in the character among the busy schedule days and night and explained. After that, “because the actor is running out the best, in the future many loves are asked” didn’t forget the request. Eye and ear of the TV viewer are concentrated if Min Namgoong is able to make ‘the life character’ and once. KBS 2TV ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’ is broadcasted every week number Thursday at 10 o’clock p.m.
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