The smallpox nothing Hwi phosphorus and birthday project inrush… subway advertisement, already, ‘decision’


The place ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which ‘it is appreciated in the Hwi phosphorus and Ttaeeonajwo’ fan and star breathes together held the group smallpox nothing Hwi humanity and justice birthday support on 22nd. It is the global advertisement for congratulation project congratulating the Hwi phosphorus having on the 17th of next month birthday. The success is determined by the sort (point) count gathered to the event in the support format of which local and foreign fans can take part directly in the project. The congratulation image is put on the screen in Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel if it is attained over 100,000 muches. The treble bus advertisement proceeds additionally if 400,000 muches gets together. The congratulation video goes out to Apgujong CGV screen with the Seoul Subway 2 line waiting room display panel video showing and treble bus advertisement if it comes to 600,000 muches. The advertisement place is expanded till Daeyeok Hong multivision in case of exceeding 900,000 muches. Previously, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened the Hwi humanity and justice birthday support at March last year on 23rd. 400% was achieved with the passionate support of the fans. It adjusted to the Hwi humanity and justice birthday and the Hwi humanity and justice birthday congratulations image was screened at two lines of Seoul Subway and Daeyeok Hong and Seodaemun station display panel. The Hwi of the smallpox radish get the singing ability and explosive love which is big for the unchallenged concept The outcome gets attention if the Bat child can see the gift which the fans prepare. In the meantime, the substitution the Hwi humanity and justice birthday image was screened at the Seodaemun station due to Japan display panel repair. At that time, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ promises much 100,000 payment in advance as the compensation plan to the Hwi humanity and justice birthday project in 2019. The Hwi humanity and justice subway 2 line advertisement is settled and the interest of the fans is gathered and there is.
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