‘the triumph aftereffect?’ Suddenly cancel Daeryuk Wang and visit to Korea press conference.


The movie ‘the joky kiss’ visit to Korea press conference expected on 22nd was withdrawn. The distributor odd (AUD) revealed in the afternoon on 21st, “the visit to Korea press conference of the kiss ‘ Raengkki Ppeu chen director who the movie ‘ which is the proceeding schedule in the half an hour CGV Yongsan child garden mall joky and actor Daeryuk Wang was withdrawn by the internal circumstances p.m. 4 on 22nd”. The visit to Korea of for four days Daeryuk Wang and Raengkki Ppeu chen supervision was previously decided from 21st until 24th. It was planning to start into the various publicity activities. However, the visit to Korea press conference is all of a sudden canceled and there is adverse criticism. This press conference cancellation was known to be the movie company’s decision which the request of Daeryuk Wang is not. While the fact that it visits the clip burning sun was known, Daeryuk Wang was previously embroiled in controversy by the singer there is being adverse criticism triumph, Junyeong Chung and friendship recently. Daeryuk Wang installed “there is no in relation with this adverse criticism” “when the powerful legal action will be done”. However, the burden seems to be felt in the part in which its own name is talked. Daeryuk Wang appeared on the naver V live and KBS Cool FM ‘improve the volume of the bad boy musician Suhyun’ at last 21st. The stage greeting and chewing chat relay is hosted on the coming 22nd and the audience, the talk and library attends pat with 23 in the event on 24th. Meantime, all Moat the interest with the getting back together of Raengkki Ppeu chen director of ‘the joky kiss’ ‘my Girls’ Generation’ and Daeryuk Wang All Damat brave one sided love story toward A class ‘god of man’ Jangjeu number of this work F class Wiansyangchin Open on the coming 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748702.htm, 2019/03/22 09:05:00]