… till the runway → the title song stage → the profile opening to the publicThe produce X101′ and preparations for going out to attack completion


The global Boy group brought up project ‘the produce X 101’ finished the audiences the preparation everyday. In the Mnet ‘M countdown’ broadcasted at last 21st at 6 p.m, ‘the X101 produces’ and title song ‘make the’ stage of under ‘the Ppeudyu X’) was revealed. The vote of the nation producer was primally reflected with the successive generations ‘Ppeudyu’ and the center selection of this association tune ‘make the’ was decided. In previously over on 4th program homepage, the person PR image of 15 people of service station oil A trainee was revealed. The vote in which the fans can take part for 12 hours proceeded. The runway show of the trainees progressed previously in the light floor broadcasting support center on 20th. The whole season takes the time of the meeting with the people producers to the title song opening to the public primally. As in this season program title, it was dirty and the trainees wearing the training uniform of the school uniform, that is the signature costume of the Ppeudyu, and all colors decorated on stage took the fascinations of me the various pauses. Today, (22 days) the profile of the participating trainees arousing the curiosity of the fans more and more is opened as this ‘make the’ stage. ‘the Ppeudyu X’ revealed in formal report data “the profile of the trainees is planning to be uploaded from 22nd in the official site” on 21st. The netizen prior to the program telecast, moreover, it writes a comment in-line Portal site, and etc. and the sense of expectancy is expressed. For “‘ produce ‘ this party, is really expected. If surely the dream was realized, the people having many dream oves the singer will be good. It is the wind it was encouraged and which practiced and in which surely the good group wanted to be born. It will be interesting with the fighting ” (ha02****) “. Because of sweeping the successive generations 1,2,3 all, as if it goes well this time, ” (hyew****) all trainees are encouraged. Fighting(svt1****) the etc. comment is hung and it is rooting. Come 11 p.m. on May 3rd is broadcasted for the first time and the program meets the fans.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748674.htm, 2019/03/22 00:00:04]