Hanbyeol Park, in the morning on 23rd, the husband induction police Seok coalescing correlation investigation of a testifier


All Badat the investigation of a testifier Hanbyeol Park attends the police in the morning on 23rdThe Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team asked this day Hanbyeol Park for the witness position and someone paid the cost at that time with the glossy hair police superintendent and golf meeting, whether it was known to do how the golf game accomplished. The fact that it sits at the glossy hair police superintendent and golf game is Hanbyeol Park revealed as the wife of the former representative Yuriholdingseu Enseok Yoo. Police superintendent Yun is the individual mentioned as ‘national Police Agency Commissioner’ in the Kakaotalk association room where the wi and Junyeong Chung, this Jong-hyun, final Korean translation of Chinese character, and induction seat etc. is included. Hanbyeol Park apologized to Instagram “it was thinking that it could not be unconnected with the pasts of the man to share me and lifetime but was the very careful position to the investigation be under way and ask to any words” “be sorry” at last 19th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748817.htm, 2019/03/23 22:55:52]