Junyeong Chung and high-level prosecution predecessor lawyer nomination? The netizen ‘the impact fury’


Junyeong Chung who will admit and will reflect on all crimes However, as soon as the restriction was decided, MBN ‘the news 8’ which the netizens threw out ‘it is great’ the Geose blame, is broadcasted in his appointing the senior prosecutor turned predecessor lawyer appearance with 22 with the day afternoon was reported to appoint the senior prosecutor turned predecessor lawyer instead of the lawyer who the singer Junyeong Chung was booked on the destruction of evidence charge and who resigns. Junyeong Chung didn’t accompany the lawyer according to the news in the actual inspection on arrest warrant opening at last 21st. The reason the counsel of Junyeong Chung resigned it was booked on the destruction of evidence suspicionThe police officer drew “when there is no effect in the investigation even if it says from the prosecution predecessor lawyer” the line. However, the voice of the concern is loud. In case the case went over to the prosecution, it is the reason that it can pull the strings to the public prosecutor of criminal investigation when being in the current post by using the relation. The netizens were unable to conceal the anger with the news that Junyeong Chung appointed the lawyer. “also it was Cheok” (i am****), “in the Republic of Korea, it doesn’t need to buy kindly” (soon***), “because it isn’t likely to end to pretends to be sorry for this, the real character is shown” (ssss****) “it is great” (sync***), and comment of “it is not amazing now” (sndk****) back ran. Junyeong Chung was arrested for the sexual intercourse illegal shooting and circulation suspicion at last 21st. The court explained mostly on reason to issue the writs (the) facts constituting a crime. The point that there is the concern of evidence destruction was produced as the reason.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748786.htm, 2019/03/23 00:00:03]