The Dissittom · manless · Schon The linkage of the burning sun


And. The new suspicion related to the club burning sun was proposed. The report that the Dissittom entertainment (under Dissittom) specializing in DJ ran the twins club manless of the burning sun the illegal came out. However, dissittom drew “it has no connection altogether it cuts the manless and burning” the line. Nevertheless, the eyes of the doubt is made and there is the netizen. The official position was made on 22nd and Dissittom denied on dispute front side related to the club manless. However, the sports tendency reported this day, afternoon, “when the illegal operation suspicion which DJ belonging to Dissittom surround the club manless was proposed, then DJ escaped, the context was captured”. The sports tendency quoted the end of all staffs cutting the burning and drinking singing and dancing humanity and justice address and Dissittom entertainment address said coincide “the community was right and ‘ Dissittom and manless testified” in fact. When the additional scandal coverage related to the manless comes out, then the rumbling of sea of the Dissittom has the shape losing the strength. The netizen doesn’t have “it was just the injustice illustration” (cine****) ” real end. It becomes spiritless in the article seeing, it takes ” (minc****) “the cleaning of night soil is all installed this time to go on living grubbily” (wond****) “there is quite not no Yeokk phosphorus part” (jiso****) ” all. As if it comes out more if it is all behind, the voice of ” (dleh****) “the police the news which explodes it peels the Kka degrees is certain made” (ghhe****) the etc. criticism is made. Formal report data were previously presented and Dissittom told “the corporation drinking singing and dancing phosphorus running the Dissittom and manless reveals to be the separate company in which the shareholder and management and employees composition holds the separate other Beobingyeok” “it is unconnected with the club burning sun” the view. The cookie news reported on 22nd, the morning “suddenly the end of February in which the dispute which the manless starting business chops the burning is at the peak of was closed on May, 2017”. The manless, that is the club, reported as the ordinary restaurant according to the news and opened. The ordinary restaurant pays the charge 10% in VAT but the adults’ marry-making place has to shoulder additionally the individual consumption tax 10% and education tax 3%. The cookie news told “the address of drinking singing and dancing phosphorus who is the etc. weather owner of the manless and Dissittom entertainment was identical. Drinking singing and dancing humanity and justice representative director and director inside company and inspection were altogether the Dissittom position”. In the meantime, dissittom said as the agency of the singer Schon. Dissittom was done “all Maeeot the contract in the form of the agency in which Schon and exclusive contract is not”. After that, it emphasized “the agency of DJ making the sound source including Schon and album unit or the specified period event unit is contracted” “when Schon doesn’t have the relation with this more”. Schon is previously seized by ‘the Way Back Home (the way back platform)’ sound source panic buying dispute. Many problems that it surrounds the club burning sun are happening extensively. The situation where it is being countlessly expanded which has been hiting the kind and the problems that it is connected to the burning sun, triumph, and etc. hold The desert island this adverse criticism which it is known with the burning sun and twin club can not be avoided.
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