‘the life south 2’ star Seonghyun Kim and “the father comes and goes the cold bath hot water of the spa thanks to this frequently”


“these days comes and goes the cold bath hot water of the spa with the father thanks to this frequently.” The actor Seonghyun Kim who is being in the spotlight as the KBS2 ‘the life south 2’ star mentioned the father Eonjung Kim. It opened heart in Seonghyun Kim “the words writes usually and if the TV camera was the stone, the unforeseen action been made, the father installs much”. Eonjung Kim started the happening which it declared ‘natural person’ saying that the families ignored in the broadcasting recently and it gives up in the day. It was thanks to this Seonghyun Kim in the search ranking with the father. In KBS 2TV ‘the life Ha the man season 2’ broadcasted at last 20th, the aspects of Eonjung Kim changing into the natural person was contained. After early from the morning receipt was read and the family budget expenditures was carefully confirmed, Kim grumbled “20,000 won is short even if no matter what, it calculates”. It spoke to this Seonghyun Kim “the so trifling 20,000 won, as to I will offer what”. Seonghyun Kim mother bantered “that one to was paid attention anytime”. Eonjung Kim whom it is angry in the disregard of which it follows one after another the families headed for the mountain right away. It declared to be “one which it doesn’t come down to the ago from the mountain to find me before” but the pride was discouraged and in conclusion, Kim came home in the day. All Kkeureot the attention meantime Seonghyun Kim Eonjung Kim richman, as to the special donates to the weekend drama KBS 2 TV ‘the next occasion, that is one,’Seonghyun Kim uploaded the photograph on the Instagram “‘ ‘ father and special guest appearance # the disabled actor # Seonghyun Kim it was the # mine Kim family UIE Ssi two mine Kim” with the writing called “ask many audition spreading the # Hana only patience at 55 past 7 tonight” at last 17th. In ‘the next occasion, that is one,’, eonjung Kim Seonghyun Kim richman stood as the family of the Leeryuk Wang (the pure silver mistake) and revision (this guest of honor) which burns to be good. ” married man to Seonghyun Kim Leeryuk Wang? Is my brother and wind made? It grabbed by the collar.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748796.htm, 2019/03/23 09:04:54]