The tear of Junyeong Chung can be believed.


The crime which cannot be forgiven was committed. It will follow all determinations which will not compete never and which it gets off the demanding content of the organization investigation at the court modestly. It is one unit of measure in the whole front of court to the group of reporters to undergo on 21st warrant room baggage judgment which the singer Junyeong Chung who the illegal takes a picture of the sexual intercourse movie and who hits against the shared charge is over. After the case happened, it was Junyeong Chung showing figure which the consistently is serene but this day was a little the other figure. The writing written at the A4-size paper directly was stammeringly read and it was due to keep sniffing. However, it put and this action of Junyeong Chung was blamed in some people, saying that it was ‘the tear of the crocodile’ this. Junyeong Chung who It becomes the entertainer arrested for the situation ‘ cut the burning for the first time How the tear which He leaks has to be interpreted. Seoul Central Court Minsung Lim head judge decided to conduct the past, a.m. 10 on 21st from 30 minutes, the exemption law violation (the use shooting including camera, and etc) questioning of accused including the punishment of the sexual assault about Junyeong Chung, and etc. and arrest Junyeong Chung. The court told “the context has the worry about the destruction of evidence after the crime including the status of the core real evidence which the suspect (junyeong Chung) submits and this detail, and etc. if it lights on the investigation lapse, and etc. till now” “the reason of restriction about the suspect and this suitability is acknowledged because there is the characteristic of the crime and victim side benefit and protection of the law infringement possibility” the reason of judgment. The day Junyeong Chung where there was the warrant essence examination attended the court at 9 a.m. half an hour which 1 hour is faster than the expected time. The time to announce ‘written apology’ which I prepare in the front of group of reporters was due to be needed. Before entering the court, Junyeong Chung committed the crime which cannot be forgiven. All charges were admitted and it lowered head. After that, it told “the demanding content of the organization investigation will be modestly poured into all determinations which will not compete never and are taken down from the court”. After that, He added “apologize to the damage suffers from me lady and which any women it rises without foundation to the malicious gossip and suffers the secondary damage all it shows the interest and affection to make” “it will attend faithfully in the criminal investigation process in the future and the lifetime on will be reflected and it will go on living”. In this process, junyeong Chung was the tear the steps. As to the Mut men, the bosom attempts the strong doubts, saying that ‘tear’ of this Junyeong Chung is the elaborate plan. One that it is the purpose in which it reduces the sentence It is due to act on the court with the attitude regretting the sin to adapt the judgment to be isolated from the final sentence. It can be severe to the person concerned in some ways to be suspected till the tear of Junyeong Chung and written apology heart sincerity has been use directly. However, the reason why it puts the criterion which the public installs the rigor toward Junyeong Chung is due to have ‘total’, the charge shooting the whole girlfriend in secret against is hit and the press interview is held and the year 3 agoes and Junyeong Chung for are apologized. He drooped “be sorry for the sincerity” the head in the front of man at that time. One that however He uncovered far later sent the message called the acquaintance “it pretends to be sorry and comes” prior to the press interviewWith being tied by the behind rope undergoing the constraint judgment about this day about 3 hours Junyeong Chung showed. With running through in the refuse to answer in the question of the pouring group of reporters it boarded the car which hung throughly head and is prepared in advance and He whose the time and 180 degree positions to be entered the court are changed faced to the jail. And the constraint of Junyeong Chung was decided to 50 minutes this day at 8 o’clock at night. ‘cham’ of the tear which He leaks this day and ‘lie’ is not important in fact. The cost which Junyeong Chung will have to entertain is heavy to be unconnected with the tear and it has to be serious. The lifetime on will be reflected and it will live, if his end is the sincerity, it is suitable to pay the legal cost corresponding to him. It is the same with ‘the tear of the crocodile’ in which the sincerity is not. I can inform to be heavy of the wrongdoing which the rigor of the law is to blame from this doing not know, I have made. And it is due to weaning period which it Jeok, can be compensated for the pain which the victims experience to be important than what. The arrested Ji day and He, as to the public eye and ear is leaning any kind of penalty to one place if it receives.
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