Till Junyeong Chung constraint from Minho Marine Corps passing examination


It is the Eobaen conveying the entertainment news of the trabecula the corner. The entertainment world which the black clouds wears with ‘the triumph gate’ This week was full of the every day shocking news. The news in which the warm spring day is warm in the closing hem of March coming soon and entertainment world freezing up tightly as the spring breeze is earnest. The news which is the same as one light in the entertainment world which SHINee Minho and Marine Corps passing final examination is depressed SHINee Minho said receive the final passing examination notice against to Marine Corps. It is Minho who also the body, as to the mind is strong. The SM Entertainment Company Limited revealed Marine Corps passing final examination news of Minho the electric charge “when Marine Corps passing examination final notice was received from the Military Manpower Administration” on 21st. It enters as Marine Corps training unit located in the Pohang in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 15th of next month and Minho starts the millitary service in this. The farewell is sad. However, Minho who finishes the obligation of the national defense soon and comes back with the gallanter attitude is expected. FidelityThe apology “in order to will live the life which is not shy, it will try.” of… Hanbyeol Park ▼ husband is cold-heartedWhile the public criticism is strong, it participated as the management of the burning sun when being his wife, then the actor and Hanbyeol Park are hit by the public beating all at one time. The situation, where the request for getting off rains down till the drama, that is the appearance on the stage middle, after all, Hanbyeol Park, directly, the Yeoreot Seup kneader the mouthHanbyeol Park explained the situation of the meanwhile to its own Instagram with the writing of the palm pattern on 19th. The reason why it cannot help enforcing the shooting of TV show among the Wa in which the controversy which it cuts the burning gets the public hot interest is the content of that it is principal the writing. On reason keeping silent “it was regarding as the Eoneun work but because the investigation bed under way now, the separated number was the works of the past of the man to share me and lifetime the very careful position saying that it was unconnected with me that I asked to any words” so far revealed Hanbyeol Park through the text in advance. After that, it explained “the shooting gets to be entered unlike the broadcasting quantity from last year and the latter half is nearly shot now”, saying that it was “it is due to be the promise with the people which there are quite lots with the manufacturer, broadcasting corporation, and agency besides to carry out the shooting of TV show in this controversy”. The best choice could not come to the getting off till the now. Hanbyeol Park apologized lastly, “would you go on living as the mother of one child, in order to will live a life of the life which is not shy as the wife of a person, it will try?”. While SNS addict FT island final Korean translation of Chinese character took the investigation with the illegal photographing product circulation charge now and there was ▼ final Korean translation of Chinese character, his active SNS activity made the publics anger with ㅇ. It is the Instagram addict level. At last 17th, the final Korean translation of Chinese character beaten ‘it is good’ with the beat Instagram account uploaded its own police attendance photo. SNS activity is not stopped such as beating ‘it is good’ with the new placard catalog of the account which was followed the same day and, etc. Continuing ‘it is good’ of the final Korean translation of Chinese character The public has only the means to feel the anger. The final Korean translation of Chinese character was kicked out of the agency FNC because of this thing. His turning into the social position of the accused investigation is planning to continue. When coming out with the time when it will enter ▼ ‘constraint’ Junyeong Chung and rope of the shock, the appearance was different in 180 degree. The first arrested for ‘the situation cut the burning’ celebrity and Junyeong Chung dumped the rope and it was taken to the jail. What type of is idea done in Junyeong Chung and jail whom it lessens “it will consent to the judgment of the court”? Seoul Central District Court Minsung Lim head judge issued on Junyeong Chung warrant essence examination hiting against the exemption law suspicion of violation including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc. the warrant of arrest about 10 high He at last 21st. It is the reason that there is the concern of evidence destruction. All charges about I will be admitted in the front of group of reporters and Junyeong Chung attending Seoul Central District Court with this day for the warrant of arrest judgment in the morning will be poured into the determination which will not compete ” (about the suspicion) and which the court makes. It said that lifetime on will be reflected and it will go on living and was the tear the steps. It was tied after rope and boarded the vehicle prepared in advance and Junyeong Chung finishing the judgment was faced to the Jongro Police Station jail in about 2 hours. The court issued the warrant of arrest to Junyeong Chung on 22nd. As the nature of a crime is not light, the interest of the whole nation is hot if it becomes so that Junyeong Chung can receive any kind of judgment against.
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