Hanbyeol Park and ‘love when being sad’ getting off pressure…23 day investigation of a testifier


The actor Hanbyeol Park is dangerous. Presently, the interest is collected if MBC weekend drama ‘love when being sad’ can be safely finished. All Badat the investigation of a testifier Hanbyeol Park attends the police in the morning on 23rd One fact was due to be the glossy hair police superintendent and golf meeting revealed relative to the police suspicion of corruption of the former representative Yuriholdingseu Enseok Yoo. The heredity representative is the husband of Hanbyeol Park. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team asked this day Hanbyeol Park for the witness position and someone paid the cost at that time with the glossy hair police superintendent and golf meeting, whether it was known to do how the golf game accomplished. Police superintendent Yun is the individual mentioned as ‘national Police Agency Commissioner’ in the Kakaotalk association room where the wi and Junyeong Chung, this Jong-hyun, final Korean translation of Chinese character, and induction seat etc. is included. It was known as the central person of debate and it surrounds the club burning sun as to Hanbyeol Park, the husband Mr.Yoo was forced into a corner. After the coalescing related possibility was raised, the Bat I came the request that it alights from the drama from the netizens. It thought to be the work in which it cannot separate the pasts of the man to share ” I and lifetime in Instagram saying that it was unconnected with me at last 19th and it was thinking but because the investigation bed under way, Hanbyeol Park keeping silence was the very careful position that I asked to any words. It apologized to be sorry. However, the thought to get off among “the reason one carry out the shooting of TV show in this controversy is the promise with the people which there are quite lots with the manufacturer, broadcasting corporation, and agency besides” this made clear the none. In order to finish the photographing at the production crew quickly, the schedule ask to+be known to be adjusted and Hanbyeol Park who it gained the getting off pressure from the audiences and who is known to be requested. The end due date of ‘love when being sad’ is come 4 month 27 day.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748816.htm, 2019/03/24 00:00:05]