Haze and ‘lovely’ itself dyeing with the pink


The singer haze drove the spring and the singer came back. It was the Seoul Mapo at last 19th and haze attended the first regular album ‘the cis-fine (She’s Fine)’ commemoration of sale showcase from Seokyo-dong move hall. This day haze captivated the attention with the gorgeous beautiful face as the spring weather approaching with a long step. The loveable atmosphere of was strongly smelled in the make-up of the pink point. Here, it becomes more and more. It can call as ‘the credit of the spring’. Haze wearing the stripe jacket and feminine mini one-piece with the loveable make-up built the peculiar polished atmosphere and the public attention was captivated. Here, the crude earring was added and the unlike other people sense of was made a boast. The tattoo in hand in which its own name is written is noticeable to the eyes especially. The first regular album ‘the cis-fine’ of released haze is the album expressing the talks which haze wanted to install so far and feelings in each track various at last 19th. Presently, the higher rank is ranked.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748758.htm, 2019/03/24 00:00:04]