The # lean longing # triad cutting the # burning which ‘that would like to know’ reveals


The center of debate The reality of the gate cut the burning was being little by little revealed, the gate cut the burning was concentratedly dealt in ‘that would like to know’ that day is broadcasted with 23. As to ‘that would like to know’, the burning sun was due to be associated on reason public power called ‘gate’ although there was no relationship with the field of politics. The production crew dug up the thing, police happening in the inside of club cutting this day burning and adhesion relationship, victory super luxury birthday party, lean longing reality, and etc. concentratedly. One informant revealed to be the customer I chopping the burning and one informant did in the first floor to drink in those room and young any kind of man followed. The woman lay down in the sofa as soon as it entered. As soon as the man got on this Wi, the face was being buried mind and I was seen, it fell and disclosed. After that, it called 112 directly. 2 hours later, Hwaga Jeon with any kind of number and ‘what was reported?’ It is like this. I was already the home. (Woman) from the beginning, there was no consciousness. So, it is reported one. It was truly the dead body and disclosed. As to the ex-cop surname of Kang pointed out as the burning sun and adhesion relationship, “it was literally acquainted with the hometown friend Choi and saw” ” I knew from the constraint all ‘that would like to know’ and interview distance between two stages later. It asserted in the enormous upper part to be one ” of which systematically the plan was all. The victory, as to 2 nights held the birthday party in Philippines and in 2017 for 3 days. The hundreds of million won was invested in the relevant party according to the broadcasting. There were there the adult entertainment establishment workers. ‘that would like to know’ did “there was separately the inside mind let the ball which the victory is big in the birthday party” “his birthday party was the column combined the business fair”. In this seat, lean longing which it is known with the major shareholder cutting the burning was known to be together. Lean longing have the stake of the burning sun 20%. The informants explained about him as “the name is unable to be taken out from Taiwan” “taiwan, nearly, the prime minister-level”. That wanted to know, the production crew, as to the source of the money which lean longing invests in the wi told as the triad. It told that burning sun of the victory was and chosen as the place washing the black money of the triad and the shock was given. The put photo is revealed in the place where Jichanguk is among these assumed as the club with lean longing and there is adverse criticism. The official position was made and the agency glory earth entertainment of the Jichanguk revealed “it informs it learns the inside of image person and headquarters of a party exposed to the broadcasting, saying that it has nothing to do on 23rd at all and it is the fan to be the photo responding to the asked request”. After that, it added “it is spreading to the situation where the false truth about the actor in the headquarters of a party is indiscreetly connected by the expansion, bad rumor and sexual harassment, and etc. and the honor of the actor is seriously defamed” “the illegal act including the preparation about the speculative rumor related to the content above, notice, circulation, and etc. wishes to be controlled”.
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