The Rim “ani” the valencia owner daughter turns on


It revealed that daughter of the valencia owner film Rim of Singapore nationality turned on, Rim was unconnected with ‘the gate cut the burning’. It was lap, Rim went to “I was in Korea with Singapore friends at December 9th in 2015″ ” us at its own SNS to the arena on 23rd. The victory, as to the father awarded the harm V IP table with the job child. After enjoying by us, that place was left and on the sexual entertainment suspicion was explained. In SBS ‘that would like to know’ broadcasted at last 23rd, it told that hand was stretched out to the foreign investors for the business which the triumph chops the club burning and the men of means and friendship was opened. As to ‘that would like to know’, one woman of Singapore national administration said be included among thises. The daughter of the valencia owner which there the woman of this Singapore nationality is being adverse criticism turned on, it was known to be Rim. However, it was lap, Rim played in ” that place by the friends. There was no supporter or staff joining besides us, “***” asks to have the other ‘woman’s and party rightly and it asks. It was bound by the case by the reason of being there just that day. It was in the place going wrong in the time going wrong but the feel victimized situation was told, saying that it was this. After that, he told to be “it didn’t know about the crime related to the burning sun and triumph business before the news exploded” “one which hits against the contact of my defense counsel if there is the press mentioning me “. Meantime, kkimnim was known as the close between as the person who is active in Korea as the model with the daughter of Spain Primera Liga valencia owner the Yuriholdingseu representative Yoo. It was lap, Rim visited the triumph to the chance certain seed who is the acquaintance and employee to Korea at December 9th in 2015. The Kakaotalk detail that the job child could award the club V IP table and it gave an indication and says the women giving well for the men who is the party the Bulleo rope for binding criminal ‘ was revealed and there was adverse criticism.
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