It is serene and has a pain in ‘birthday’ more.


The front of shoes cabinet front door light sensor is turned on. There is clearly no anyone. It seems to come whether it is the someone. The number in which the son who left the home and doesn’t come back is thinking about being not directs gaze more in any chances. However, hover around the silence without the sign in that place. And the mother sheds the tear endlessly. “protection”‘birthday’ is the art which put the Sewol ferry meterial as the feature length film and in which the dispute rose in the manufacture. Additionally, until the light in the world was seen as the work hesitating about the performance to the conduction kite, it was not easy. Because, there was the feeling which is early as for season because of dealing the Sewol ferry as the material of movie. Because the hurt can become to the bereaved family if it was at the slightest slip. The birthday ‘ investigates the story of the family among the Sewol ferry bereaved family concentratedly. The year 2014. 4 the month 16 the day the eyes of the concern was removed the story of many families seemed to add Chongeon Lee director the voice of the concern that it can be generalized came out of the talk of this family as the bereaved family whole shape It is painful and the aspects of the families which is left after the accident of that day gets worn out. The Lee, Yi Gamdok expressed their appearances to be to the utmost serene. So, it approaches to be ghastlier. The movie seems to show the story of the family sketchily. However, many problems that it happens by the family are shown in three dimensions. It has the scenes which the conflict of the happened relations with family members, looks of the nation, s looking and at the bereaved family and etc. are expressed as the spiritual trauma which the families experience after the accident, conflict happening in the rapport of the bereaved families and meantime, and subsidy which it supports from the government in the movie. The aspects of bereaved family especially appearing in ‘birthday’ is realistic. This and that including the beer and chicken, and etc. is prepared and it laughs ho ha-ha in order to congratulate to for the children passing away, the adult be. All Heullin the tear which then it comes all of a sudden it is vain It tries and laughs. It tries and the crying is stood. The audience soaks naturally into their feelings. The birthday ‘ expressed the aspects of everyday as the calm keynote and cleared away to feel awkward of the movie. ‘pain’ of someone was not still consumed with ‘meterial’ of the movie. Maybe the part which pays attention most when the Lee, Yi Gamdok makes ‘birthday’ may be not. The acting of the conduction kite who is the starring of the movie and Kyongkoo Seol doesn’t have double-tongued one. The someone can play a role of this art center cast if this 2 actor was not. 2 people draws the feeling of the parents losing the son earnestly. Especially, in the longtake scene of the ending of film about 30 minutes, their annual rings is properly revealed. The edge of an eyelid turns red in the eyes, expression, and long time sobbing scene changed constantly automatically. The birthday ‘ opens come April 3rd. The length in seconds 120 minutes It is the rated G.
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