Leejunki Asia tour ‘the encore crystal’…240 exception progress


Come back to April and encore performance which the Asia tour ‘Delight’ of the actor leejunki comes again. Like this, namooActors told on 25th that it revealed and appended the subtitle called ‘ForUs’ from April and leejunki came out on Seoul encore performance. It is the meaningful tune in which leejunki dedicates me to the fans rooting always as the title of the ForU S ‘the album of leejunki’ DELIGHT’. As to this Asia tour encore performance, the sincerity of leejunki who would like to do more with the fans than this any other time be expected to be heavily felt. Five countries of Asia including the passion of leejunki who it was Asian tour which it finished and it informed the prosperity Ri of the start feeling good, holds ‘2,018-19 Asia tour Delight’ in the plum blossoms woman university auditorium in the year 2 last December 2018 on 15th, it reserved the lodging in the choreographing rehersal room around and leejunki shot previously for the practice and sincerity Seoul and 6 citiesThe fans were altogether attracted. Moreover the osaka, yokohama, Ttaibei, Bangkok, and Hong kong tour after proceeding finishes leejunki successfully. Leejunki concert ‘ Asia tour Delight: As to ForUs’, (one) of 4 months 28 days takes place in the Olympic Park Olympic hall at 6 o’clock p.m. As much as it is the encore concert, the observation time is extended to 240 minutes and the interest is more collected. As to the open ticket, march 28 days (neck) progresses in the melon ticket at 8 o’clock p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748919.htm, 2019/03/25 17:32:33]