SBS “One which it will upload the Jichanguk and uncrowned… ‘ this egg ‘ VOD”


It told, it took care to reinforce the sound effect and document mosaic which the part is insufficient in ” (the reason why the VDD service is stopped) end piece course and 25 days SBS current events Station revealed the service interruption reason in connection with the feature VOD cut the burning in which ‘that would like to know’ is stopped. After that, it explained “the modified image is uploaded again” “it is unconnected with Jichanguk”. In ‘that would like to know’ in which the modification is applied, today, (25 days) is planning to be uploaded afternoon again in 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock. All Kkeureot the attention the service SBS ‘that would like to know’ (the gate cut the burning and all Mut this essence) chapter which the previously over afternoon on 23rd is broadcasted is interrupted in the dash example and broadcast content platformThere is no filtering, the photo which ‘lean longing’ which the relevant broadcast installment is known with one which handles concentratedly the gate cut the burning and which it reports in the broadcasting process the actor Jichanguk and major shareholder of the burning sun marks out together is revealed and it buys the dispute.
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