‘that would like to know’ “among the chapter in which it cuts the burning and abort… confirm the dash is seen”


The service, and etc. were stopped that dash about this day broadcast installment saw the gate cut the burning at last 23rd while the various disputes was brought up due to the theme in relation with broadcasted SBS ‘that would like to know’. “‘ that would like to know, on 25th, SBS cultural bureau people concerned is asking the related matter to the production crew and is waiting for the situation. After confirming the detailed detail, it will deliver and revealed. Presently, it is the condition that is not uploaded in the service and broadcast content platform to see the dash. Previously, ‘that would like to know’ handled concentratedly the gate cut the burning and let the content that it reports out to the broadcast. In this process, there is no filtering, the photo which ‘lean longing’ which it is known the actor Jichanguk and major shareholder of the burning sun marks out together is revealed and the dispute is bought.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748910.htm, 2019/03/25 16:22:13]