The limit in which it meets by ‘idol’


It is resolutely unique. Face with the audience due to the looks which the actor long-horned beetle renew ‘the Se character’ is white and which it is unable to expect every time. Rather, it is about which the idea called ‘it is not awkward’ will get to play a role of the common character. It came back to the cast in which that Cheonuhui is unexpected this time. What was the end in the existence with the woman in ethnic Koreans living in China who doesn’t Seoseumha, it was 11 days Jongno in Seoul and the Ppalpandong one cafe met the Cheonuhui having the premiere of the movie ‘idol’ (the supervision Lee Su-jin) ahead. He meeting actually had the looks which was good-natured and easy-going unlike the expectation that it is one to have the strong energy. The appearance which kept up the eye one by one and which it considers to many reporters that are together in the interview was especially impressive. The second opinion was met by ‘idol’ after Lee Su-jin director ‘one Kongju’ which the long-horned beetle is white. In the current work, he undertook the ethnic Koreans living in China lady Choi Ryeon role which the center of the case is placed and it performed enthusiastically. Although it is the stronggest, the exaggeration is not among the character which He ins charge of so far. There was the belief called ‘it is me thing’ in fact when hiting against ‘one Kongju’. But ‘idol’ had any kind of fear. At that time, Lee Su-jin supervisor ‘if this other actor will install, won’t it have a stomachache?’It told. So, then I can read all comfortably in turn to the other actors. It was that this man betraying doesn’t come out, maybe he told. It is someone or part which it can covet but it is to could not determine anyone easily. Because of being and the time when ‘kogsong’ will open just in time, there was the concern for the Se character. But (rumor) oral senior ‘this is Cheonuhui’It is know to support and come again to me. At that time, the fear seems to be changed to the expectation. If many men recall Cheonuhui, maybe the high-school girl degustation station addicted to Bond at the movie ‘sseoni’ may not be recalled. It has the latest works the cheesecloth weight lifting of ‘kogsong’ most the most as it were. There is ‘one Kongju’ heart sweat pore Ju weight lifting. Besides, it appeared. If and then, it sees, when Cheonuhui was in charge of the poisonousness Se character, the batting average be likely to be high. ‘kogsong’ ‘one Kongju’ ‘sseoni’ etc. is due to be called as his major work. Finally, the public’s needs is not my that appearance. The other character says be wanted and it cannot do. This year is likely to be fortunately visited to the comic role. It is Lee Byung-hun supervisor and ‘constitution’. Han Suk-kyu senior is white with ‘ mistake, because of have never never display this figure, you can install as it is. It was comfortable and advised. It becomes the tonic. The long-horned beetle has been play the strong cast a role of the majority was white so far but it said be not as easy as ‘idol’. The high (late) Choohyeok Kim He was pointed out as this reason. When Choohyeok Kim keeping time passed away from the TvN drama ‘argon’ suddenly in 2017, then the doubt was felt as the actor. “carefully, all Yeoreot the mouth” it collapsed much it shot ” (kim) Choohyeok job of senior which the long-horned beetle is white was undergoneThere was no frustrated occasion to try in order to said see the limit so far and jump over it and grow. When losing the will, that is the acting, there is no. But choohyeok job of senior was undergone and it collapsed. After blindly it has been doing and this work occurs, the acting is felt for the movie as much as all ones said inflame all for the acting to vain. In the meantime, the living separately.seperation is not that I learned than the idea, the self confidence disappeared so. At that time, the works were all refused. However, endlessly there was no means which is confined because of being depressed. The breakthrough was needed in order to advance in the future. It told “finally one which one having me a pain laughs seems to be the smoke” that long-horned beetle is white “it solved with the smoke”. Because the time was past, there was not no solved part. The smoke and building fell for the Himdeun time. It went to the trip and the acting idea was thrown off. Then, the interest was found from the work called ‘it endures’. Even if it is hurt and I suffer from the smoke, in conclusion, the idea enters the Banneun gu country as the stomach as the smoke. Thereafter, the stability of the mind could be taken back and it can rob. Because of spending the sick time between about 2 year Yeo during, more and more sweet ㄷ which the long-horned beetle is white seemed to be not done. It He Han Suk-kyu and Kyongkoo Seol keeping time in ‘idol’ together said become the large-scale strength. There was the occasion in which the time which shot and underwent the embarrassed moments felt for the first time was controlled in spite of oneself and which It doesn’t become the mind control. At that time, the accomplished looks was seen in the seen time what kind of situation. It thought that retrocession was enormous with the king’s horse. The eel is done and the how many works are undergone. The person by oneself is agitated. There was lots of the time shaken by the outside evaluation but the so far great acting is expected that Ppyeolchyeo misbelief one is really wonderful. If it was the work which ‘one Kongju’ informs the world of its own existence to Cheonuhui, as to ‘idol’, as to the work distributing the either before or after of the life as actor/actress came. There is not no side in which I am quite the same as the knife on acting. It have always the learned idea that it should accomplish at any rate. It dealt by oneself coolly as much as it was severe. It can be me the extensive reading after doing ‘idol’. The actor acting constantly would like to come to me like Han Suk-kyu senior.
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