‘fidelity’ The infinite star shake and joining day


The infinite star shake left for the fan side for some time in order to finish the duty of the national defense. The star shake took the time greeting in Chungchungbuk-do Jeungpyeong County 37 division boot camp neighborhood prior to the ipso in the afternoon on 26th. In this day admission ceremony, the member this rank of the golden child had together when being the infinite member Dongwoo Jang and one’s real younger brother of the isomerism servant and star shake. Because the schedule was caught, the other member El and Woohyun Nam was unable to attend. The star shake for was stopped at the enlistment ago and front of the group of reporters and the greeting of was bravely.energetically given “the duty of the national defense will be well done and it will come”. He revealed figure which it shook the chattiness such as opening the cut hair style and asking “the head increases the Eoul Ri well” and, etc resolves the tension. He told and “if when surely the Reobeullijeu who is the member in company came the visit, it will be good” and made the place jollily to the end. The infinite fan club and phosphorus spirits will be mentioned lastly and He will have been being well healthily not ㄷ. It didn’t worry and was healthily and the unlike other people Ppaensarang was shown through the word. It heads for this day training camp and the basic military training of during 5 weeks against is planning to be hit and the star shake is planning to start the millitary service as the army active service after the disposition to one’s own unit. As to star shake, For the second opinion of the leader nature Gyu of the infinite got to start the military life among the enlistment and member next.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1749017.htm, 2019/03/26 16:32:34]