“isn’t my story?”… Seriously, ‘life adhesion type’ drama


The zaibatsu 2 tax, secret of the birth, and etc. The stories in which there was no reality and which aren’t sympathized became the meterial fed up in TV now. Till ‘waikiki 2’ handling the utmost limit life record of the youths in 20 with the speech which sublimates ‘the favor quality’ (the beat activity) with ‘love’ it represents the mind of the idol fans with ‘her private life’ look forward from the telecast Here, moreover ‘it is hateful to go to the company’ which the regular formation is determined as the realistic speech borrowing the word in fashion ‘the zone can gain’ (the deadlock it respectful) etc. of can be taken notice. ◆ JTBC new drama ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’ (the direction ear boil ‘ Waikiki 2’) which ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’ past broadcasts in the afternoon on 25th for the first time draws the friendship of the youths flocking again into the guesthouse ‘waikiki’ and love and challenge for the dream jollily. Hyunsu Shin to make a boast of the ridiculous attitude represents the reality of the utmost limit youth in Sonhoh Kim to show the changeable smoke as the singer wannabe chau type of the cheesecloth idol from and national flag Bong which the mind the brain is pure and the smile and sympathy is transmitted to the viewers. Till the Mun Gayeong taking the responsibility for the triple time from the Ansohui playing role of ‘the part time work king’ Kim here ranging over every kind of part time work by the first love trick kite of three Ibnang of youth till the smile, sympathy, and anticipation All Ppyeolchin ‘life adhesion type’ story of 20 the youth corps gets togetherThe sorry for troubling someone who is worse off than oneself youth without the thing which one ” what is properly solved by the points of interest is spent but it makes a challenge eagerly and Kihoh Kim writer goes on living prior to the first broadcastings for its own dream. It would be the steps and the appearances which this what kind of adversity cuts through with the energy of the positive youth were explained. Broadcast the drama 2 times in JTBC today (26 days) at 9:30 p.m. ◆ The romance which it is the perfect curator but ‘her private life’ TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘her private life’ forms the genuine style favor which the idol favor future generations flourishing virtue beauty (minyoung Park) meets with the haggard senior officer Ryan (gimjaeuk) and gets wider in the work if it knows. The actor Minyoung Park and Gimjaeuk was in charge of the starring and Chongchan Hong director found the megaphone. The character the flourishing virtue MIRA which Minyoung Park ins charge of among the pole is ‘the favor power highest level’ idol Deok after in the curator and house that ability is good in the art museum. The line called “I can be said to be ‘ love and the world can be said to be ‘ favor quality ‘” of the main poster heart flourishing virtue beauty represent the mind of this world all fans. ‘the other word of the favor quality is the love soon’ is shown with the battery time of ‘After Deok’ and the sympathy is planning to be caused. The drama, as to come April 10 is planning to be broadcasted by ‘the sincerity arrives’ subsequent at 9 o’clock at night in 30 minutes for the first time. ◆ ‘it is hateful to go to the company’ KBS2 new drama ‘it is hateful to go to the company’ is the beginning intimate real office drama for the common employees of this it draws quite the great story with the bit time of the men who are hate to go to the company. If it was the office worker, delightful the possibility for was gained recognition as someone or sympathized episode and metabolisms and 4 month regular formation was confirmed in six parts of pilot last year. It is hateful to go to the company and the actor Kim Dongwan playing role of the starring is seriously the real office drama. In the last pilot drama, if interview of the incumbent employees and episode was applied and the sympathy many of the people was bought, the new actors were committed in order to strengthen the dramatic element this time. It indulged well so much in the drama. It will utilize the characteristic well it would try, the work and Baekhoh Kang wished to be much supported and it told. There are the unlike other people desire to win and the number in which Baekhoh Kang that it makes one dozen stand will harmonize with the other employees as the passion, whether it looks forward if ‘it is hateful to go to the company’ of the record of survival of the employees which stand against and live a life of every day causes the sympathy of the employee. The drama is planning to be broadcasted in KBS2 at April 9th in 2019 at 8:55 p.m. for the first time.
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