… It becomes the state (JOO) and 5 bridesIt is smooth from the love till the marriage.


5 brides come to the singer week (JOO). Ollin was sweet and like this, the agency second ring entertainment conveyed the wedding ceremony on May 4th Seoul somewhere which revealed and which the price of a stock comes on 26th. As soon as the principle reserve bridegroom finished the relation with the introduction of the sister that is familiar with the person of the same age people 1 year ago and fell in love, the wedding story came out and it became to determine the marriage smoothly and finish the beautiful fruit. As much as the bridegroom is no celebrity, the principle marriage is planning to take the parents from both families and relatives and > acquaintances and is planning to progress to the private. The agency for was asked “the deep understanding is asked to become to it proceeds carefully if someone becomes to the reserve bridegroom, let the fans know the marriage news all of a sudden” “ask the warm blessing to the future of the week (JOO) Miss having the fresh start ahead”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748955.htm, 2019/03/26 09:46:58]