‘it is the golden hair this time’… black pink system or the exception teaser


The individual teaser poster in which the styling in which the black pink genie having the comeback ahead is exceptive stands out was opened. YG entertainment revealed the teaser poster of genie on the half an hour formal blog a.m. 9 on 26th. The poster center genie changed into the golden hair and captivated the eyes immediately. Genie is notifying change in advance with the unique styling and make-up and once. The first black pink which opens and determines the comeback date by April 5th stands the person teaser poster of Lisa as the extended play album of the title song ‘the This rub which it will be lap’ (KILL THIS LOVE) and same name in the stage once again at last 25th. As to especially, this black pink comeback, the news which is good for the fans who are about 9 months and have been waiting for the new music of the black pink after announced ‘Ttuduttudu’ activity at June last year cannot be not. YG whispered the black pink new musical composition atmosphere, saying that it was “the very strong tune jumping over ‘ Ttuduttudu ‘” this in relation with this time title song ‘KILL THIS LOVE’. It told in relation with the choreographing “it was visualized by the performance which is active than the choreographing of this what kind of tune in which 4 international dance directors were mutual understanding and which the black pink shows so far”. The black pink members stayed up the fourth day night regardless of and finished the new musical composition music video shoot. It strives for the new stage for the practice day and night and the end beads of sweat is shed. The black pink which cooperates with the inter scope of the U.S.A greatest music company universal music group and notifies advance to the US in advance starts into this new extended play album into real American activity last year. It rises to ‘coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival festival’ stage, that is April 12 and 19 days U.S.A greatest music festival, and has been being the various local promotions beginning with American Los Angeles along with the tour to North America from 17th. It is the work which it watches over if it captivates eye and ear of the global fans with any kind of new music and performance strong performance through the new musical composition ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ which the black pink announces on April 5th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748959.htm, 2019/03/26 10:05:01]