Notify Nile and singer Seol Undo single song ‘the wonder of the Nile’ announcement… music video in advance.


The single song ‘the wonder of the Nile’ in which the singer Seol Undo writes a song recently was announced and Nile turned on the powerful stretch. As to this tune of Eunhoh Choi writing the lyrics, the housekeeping which likens to the Nile which is the longgest in the world accomplishing our life to 6,600km and encourages the hope and courage is impressive. It rushed early into the business and was crazy about the work and lived in 20, it turned against and the department of music lived. It came back as the invitation of the Seol Undo brother who is the big senior and encouragement again and that was watched, I of 3 years was given by the tune this time directly. Nile is the singer in which the leader high powerful army a strong soldier iron (in 88, the traffic accident death) of ‘the powerful army a strong soldier iron and straw basket’ acts under singer days duet at the late 70’s. The one’s real name the GimhyeongwanThe world of singers was left due to the millitary service in 81 and ‘janchi noodle’ ‘the love the nonstop’ ‘the bloom middle age’ etc. was announced in 2015 and He came back in 25 years. His world of singers return is the relation thanks to which the field of ginseng well head male (it is small in 2016) teacher who is the famous lyricist is with the singer Seol Undo. 3 people high well head number lyricist the daughter took Nile as the adopted son about 40 years ago. He met one Kim Hak eulogy composer office the study of music the Deuna everyone adoptive father during the first grade of high school already. The Seol Undo brother is said from the several years that father passes away. Surely get the tune with the Seol Undo brother if I get to come back with the world of singers. It is to it served long as the lyricist, the world of singers trend and flow be well known. The feeling lyricist used and the lifetime wrote the housekeeping of the hit song like ‘the black acid the young lady’ of the lifetime Lee, Yi Mija, ‘sadly’ of Nam Jin, ‘the water mill around is spread’ of the Na Huna, ‘the farewell of the airport’ of the crinum lily, ‘this man fool’ of the Jeonghunhui, and ‘mapo last stop’ back jewel of the silver bell sister lyric for 3,500 tunes altogether. The ardor for the creation was not lost until passing away. And ‘unsteady plan’ and ‘pride’ was left as the posthumous work. The stage was early left but Nile didn’t build the world of singers and influence the adoptive father. The father was helped and ‘well head number museum’ ‘well head number song festival’ back was concentrated energy on the song related business in spare time. Then, after all, it came back as the surrounding feeling sorry about his musical talent canvassing to the world of singers. As soon as He announced the first records, it provided support in the around in advance as much as the independence was started in the performance in Germany in the 70th anniversary. Recently, it is actively active in its own construction business relationship event in Vietnam and Thailand, and etc. as MC and singer. Nile visits Egypt Nile for the new musical composition ‘the wonder of the Nile’ music video shoot sooner or later. He spoke as “the idea to put sth in sth and come (ki) together to the brim with the Seol Undo senior giving the tune on the world most Chang-Chiang”.
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