Open the actor → director and ‘minority’ of Kim gloss seat on April 11th.


On April 11th premiere which the first directed by movie ‘minority’ of the actor Kim gloss seat comes was decided. The distributor Show Box revealed ‘minority’ premiere news the electric charge the movie steel on 26th. ‘minority’ is the story of 2 families facing the case shaking the calm everyday. The aspects of Yoonseok Kim supervision which the new actor Gimhyejun and foil become strong was included in the steel of ‘minority’ which this day is revealed. Yoon, disclosing the secret of the Gimhyejun of the leg-screw role in a state of confusion into the secret of the father and 2 families Sechin Park of the role has the attitude which seems to be immersed in the character. In Gimhyejun, the appearance it speaks by signs, which doesn’t miss with the explanation of Yoonseok Kim supervision and which it concentrates is noticeable to the eyes among these. In Sechin Park debutting as ‘minority’ into the screen for the first time, the appearance immersed in the acting according to the direction of Yoonseok Kim director is and impressive. Gimhyejun was penetrating ” me. It knew what it was uncomfortable and the solution was suggested and the unlike other people consideration of Yoonseok Kim director of was made a boast. It told “in the case of the feeling, it was know in advance if my heart was difficult” which the foil becomes strong 500: come April 11th releases the movie ‘the minority’ in which the rookie actor Gimhyejun which bores the competitive rate of 2 and is cast, actor the foil becomes strong Chunga Yum, Sochin Kim, and Kim gloss seat who appears and which it looks forward with the first directed bies of Yoonseok Kim director.
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