Sowon Hahm daughter opening to the public and netizen “the father and crucian bread”


The pretty daughter of the actor Sowon Hahm and evolution couple is revealed and the hot interest of the netizen against is hit and there is. All strings ear eye mouth and nose which it was not a little bit whether it was born, are clear the attentionSowon Hahm revealed the weekend everyday sent to its own SNS with the family on 25th. The husband evolution is taking care of the daughter Hyechung in the photo which this day is revealed. The daughter of Sowon Hahm whom it leans on the bosom of the father arouses the prettiness like the doll of the limpid eyes and look. The netizens watching the photo which Sowon Hahm uploads are ” dad and crucian bread. It is so cute. (yun1****) the, “the eye is really beautiful” (dicn****) and ” evolution appeared like the idol and it was the molding Ha, the roll was known and it was not. The baby is so beautiful, even if it is ” (blue****) and ” delivery by “belated” mother, it delivers healthily and is fortunate. ” (vkvf****) and ” Sowon Hahm it congratulates It is the woman having all. Till the good-looking husband and child like the rabbit(ahs5****) the opinion of the back was left and the interest toward these families was expressed. ㅇ Sowon Hahm and evolution informed the begetting a daughter news at December last year on 18th. Previously, these couples opened the childbirth procedure through TV CHOSUN ‘the taste of the wife’.
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