“the Ansohui that it was changed” The evaluation ‘waikiki 2’ audience


The actor Ansohui which the acting adverse criticism was not stopped in the work in which it appears However, it is him who tramps the ambition because of showing the other looks in JTBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’. It entered the smoke as the year 2,008 movie ‘one V=hot is good’ which Ahn ox is white for the first time. All Naet the greed in the actor activity due to him attracting the popularity which is hot in WonderGirls this It appeared after TvN drama ‘the heart two heart’ ‘Entourage’ movie ‘the Busan Haeng’ ‘the Sing glider’ but the acting pyong toward He was not so good. The panning had to be received in the awkward acting breaking the degree of concentration of the work. It was the problem that his without the look and monotonous feeling which it seems to read the korean language textbook talking manner is the biggest. Especially it tried in order to concentrate on the actor activity after the WonderGirls dismantling which Ahn ox is white. Take off the idol dress. The mark of the WonderGirls was erased until the Portal site profile in order to wear the actor dress. However, it was unable to be the outcome to says be like that steps as the actor. He was confident of the looks changed by ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’ after the movie ‘the Sing glider’ in 3 years. ‘the part time work king’ Kim station ranging over the world all part time works was undertaken among the pole which Ahn ox is white for the living. The He “the drama on characteristic worries at all to be destroyed that it is needless” explained. ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’ production presentation which opens previously on 25th as if it were aware of its own acting ability dispute which Ahn ox is white mentioned. He told “while the drama gets to be made after long interval and it is tense and there is a lot of the worry and it is excited, it is preparing”. After that, it was “when it thinks maybe to present the appearance which is good in the ago than the presented appearances” and told confidently “it is shooting eagerly”. PD pushing the ear boil which kicked the Eura car and takes care of the Waikiki 2′ direction revealed the casting reason that it was the reason of the casting to would like to show the image which on Ansohui is not seen once and because there were the parts which it reads well in ” final audition and it casted. While it told “it would like to show. Enjoyably the trouble about the Ji which can be farcically destroyed it is fresher if it how is much done and it is trying to express” that Ahn ox is white, 25 days ‘waikiki 2 the Eura car is kicked’s, as to 1 time was broadcasted, how did the audience evaluate the acting ability of the Ansohui? The interest is concentrated if it is changed in the panning to the favorable comment.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748923.htm, 2019/03/26 00:00:03]