The case and spring which the elder unscrews come.


The miracle of which the courage of the unknown actor is small is made. The king’s words which concealed the death feel victimized of the colleague growing the dream of the actor in the same agency together on the heart and which it lived was come and is gone and the courage for was stopped at my front of the man. The mind of the entertainment world of which his who the sincerity is contained appeal is closed and public is moved. The clarification of truth of the case which the elder unscrews for is demanded and it is Yoo stopping at the center. He uploaded the writing appealing to SNS toward the fellow celebrity at last 17th. It worries if ‘the clarification of truth which the elder unscrews’ case which became red-hot hotly at the height of is not buried when every kind entertainment it cuts the burning issue including gate, which and etc. becomes a subject of discussion recently. The cheer of ” entertainers visiting the king’s words is not wished. Does this fact about ‘it is unfortunate’ mention peel the difficult girl? There is the influence than the obscure individual ‘low fellow’ actor is it like that difficult to publish in one word social relationship network service (SNS) in which the singers ask to join in the national petition? It is know what it is like that afraid but the cruel wind wave comes me all, can you help? The stuffy feeling was conveyed. Is it one in which it is known to be earnest? The lukwarm entertainment world began to mentioning the name of one two ‘jayeon Jang’ and it is spreading gradually to many these like the relay. It is the comedian Chinhwa Shim Wonhyo Kim couple first of all to screw up courage. Chinhwa Shim supports ” re-investigation in the day and its own SNS which comes and goes the king’s words and writes. Surely Jayeon Jang could laugh in the sky and Jayeon Jang was mentioned. The husband Wonhyo Kim of after Chinhwa Shim captures the writing of the wife and uploads on SNS and the end is right with you. It supported, the voice was added. The actor Koo Hyeson appearing on the drama ‘the man than the flower’ with Jayeon Jang built the voice in 2009. The sister that Koo Hyeson posted ‘the man than the flower’ steel on its own SNS and was fullness the hotpack held in the hand of ” I The sister in which there is no one photo put together and that is regretful Take a rest on the sky comfortably. The writing that it is the beautiful man ” was uploaded and Jayeon Jang was mentioned. Kim Dongwan of the actor Hyangki Kim and Kim Geehun Shinhwa the sameness These suppress ‘it is good’ with the writing which it uploads after Jayeon Jang revealing the truth of the case pressing press interview opens and the cheer is added to the king’s words secrets use of an instrument. It is the same with the actor Misuk Lee hiting against the suspicion that it was implicated in the death which the elder unscrews. It distributes and Misuk Lee reveals the official position “if there is the part required for the process where it reveals the death, Batget does all the further investigation willingly” at last 22nd. However, because the reason why the case which the year 10 or elder leaving unused unscrews than what came up onto the sleep and it could hit against the high interest and make a great progress in the re-investigation had the participation of the people, it was the possible thing. * entitled ‘appeal for the extension of term of independent council of the high Jayeon Jang Ssi and re-investigation’ was received to the national petition bulletin board at last 12th. The number of persons, p.m. 3 on 26th, the standard and 693,954 people it is agreeing to this The relevant application put name in the top of bulletin board with ‘the most application’. Because of giving an indication directly to proceed strictly with the re-investigation as the answer to the application, the president Mun Jae-In was early to this. President Mun cannot tell to be ever the just society if he is unable to correct this (the case which the elder unscrews). The instruction and responsibility were certain made the Minister of Justice and many suspicions in which the Haengabnu minister took responsibility together and which are raised with the reality of the case were one by one investigated. It is the case which the elder who is being symbolized as the direct example ‘ of the political corruption unscrews. It is not to we keep altogether the time that it is the year 10 silence even when this being well known. The case buried in some ways in this way The miracle in which the courage of ‘unknown actor’ is fresh is made. Everyone who knows Jayeon Jang and this case that everyone who the now was silent doesn’t keep silence a little more expects the courage betting a little more. It is the horse for Jayeon Jang going for the way which is far in the young age on a false charge. Although it is late, the truth is the seen to is certain to make the Bal tongue time.
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