The companion dog leader dispute which Steven unscrews The netizen exposure “it has the impolite speech”


The actor Steven kite enveloped in the rising sun dispute last year is hit by the public beating all at one time by leader this time. On 26th, in its own Instagram “there was the really unpleasant thing with Korean resident in America actor whom many Korea is know”, one netizen published the exposure writing. As to the Ji it revealed that visited Griffith Park with its own companion dog and arrives 1 person didn’t come this netizen who insists to be damaged, and the off risch (the rope is not tied) child ran up to the full speed toward the companion dog suddenly. Be so confused and the owner is found before and catch ‘ puppy up to.’ It yelled continuously and the sorry was done a slapdash with the intonation that the person presumed as the pongee with me at a distance approached as the jogging speed and it caught the child up to and the feeling is bad, the situation was told at that time. After that, it did “when the Park was not off risch park, the lead line was the essentiality, our couple did, it shouted to our couple gossiped about the way in which so now he wife instigates my Gae that ‘ I this Park came over much, be parched up”. The netizen can stop if it thinks when all and men will be glad about the off risches which are amazed and come running all ‘ about the impolite speech. The children who have especially been attacked or ‘it did. And then’ child money care it is careful of the abandoned dogs it is more afraid there is a lot of the fear I knew, I did and told. In the meantime, it is the way help which ‘ our wife is suddenly pregnant, ” husband goes just and is like this. The feeling seemed to become acute and we requested the help to the Park manager directly. Our husband saw to call and the lead line was completed to the children only then and this couple installed. The appearance in which assumed these are taking 2 companion dogs to the wife of Steven yeon and He was included in the movie which this netizen attaches. “the real is more and more the disappointment only” (m sa****) “when it is the fault and unconditionally sealed is impossible that Daengdaeng doesn’t complete the leader just” Engilsh written apology and Korean written apology was read and the netizen was amazed. Korean utterly the disregard.”(salm****) the reaction of “it knits with the zombie, the toughness is the zombie” (ccw0****) back was shown. Meantime, the rising sun photograph ‘it is good’ coming up to Instagram before the movie ‘burning’ premiere last year is beat and Steven kite is embroiled in controversy. After him published the apology statement with the Korean and Engilsh. However, ” this shows the facet of the culture in the Engilsh written apology. (In the smart phone) Judge the man as the number passed over, one beating the mistake ‘it is good’, and one moving the scroll thoughtlessly. The internet world is very weak. It was sad to express us and use this platform, the text was added and the controversy was raised.
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