“the emperor approval of the ring”.’Eobenjyeoseu: The end game ‘ length in seconds and 3 times 2 minute


The movie ‘ Eobenjyeoseu: The length in seconds of the end game ‘ was known to exceed 3 hours almost. Recently, ‘ Eobenjyeoseu according to the foreign news: As to the length in seconds of the end game ‘, it is planning to be 182 people which it is over 3 hours. The high per board, that is North America greatest ticket reservation site, moreover, the length in seconds of this film was informed in 3 times 2 minute in SNS. Eobenjyeoseu: As much as it is the final series to decorate the grand end of the end game ‘***’ Eobenjyeoseu ‘, the world interest against is hit and there is. Here, ‘the successive generations longest’ is notified in advance and the expectancy of the marble fans is higher. The finale ‘ Eobenjyeoseu of ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ series which records the domestic accumulation number of spectator about 28.7 million people or greater and is being loved: The end game ‘ is the movie drawn the best battle between the surviving Eobenjyeoseu union which It becomes after and last hope of the earth until cries Infinity and Bill run dozen noth. Come in the end of April domestic prearrangement of release
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1748973.htm, 2019/03/26 11:38:59]