The month joins with… with 4 to be the Minho · Schon ·. ★ it holds.


It is a pity. However, there are the stars that leave the fan side for some time in order to finish the obligation of the national defense. It gathered in the stars that it hit against the call of nation and It became the respectable man and come back in one place. ◆ Because Minho is Marines road Shay to be respectable, as to Minho, come April 15th is planning to join the army. Like this, minho agency SM Entertainment Company Limited revealed in formal report data on 21st and revealed “it enters as Marine Corps education training unit which Minho is located in the Pohang in Gyeongsangbuk-do and the obligation of the national defense is planning to be fulfilled”. Minho applied previously for Marine Corps in last January and it was informed of the passing final examination over in the morning on 21st the Military Manpower Administration. Minho announces the enlistment all the first the solo ‘I’ M the Home’ and the sense of frustration of the fans is planning to be soothed. The tune is revealed to every kind sound source site on the coming 28th at 6 p.m. ‘I’ M Home’ is the tune of rhythm and blues hip-hop genre in which the whistler of the intro in which it is felt to be lonesome is impressive. The mind which feels in the life which was busy with the housekeeping and is splendid, felt lonesome and is lonenly was shown. And Minho took part in the rap making directly and the frank charm was doubled. ◆ it is a pity but April 1st visiting the hello singer Schon for some time joins the army with Schon. Schon uploaded the writing of the palm pattern revealed on 25th, the Instagram “it joins in order to finish the duty of the national defense on April 1st”. In the eagle, schon confessed “the idea which it didn’t stop ‘ this during afresh and came running the now announcing the enlistment date in the now which it was unable to plan the enlistment and is unable to practice and 6 is nearly past amok, it does gets”. After that, it explained as “the reason the reason why it was unable to do the overseas performance so far was the person without military service history identity”. Moreover, it told “because it will making assurance doubly sure so that the worked tunes can be released among the service so far, if the Deureu city the Day will remember this musics, it will thank”. ◆ ‘the fan loyalty attack’ group highlight member self interest maniac joins the army as come 4 month obliged police with the self interest light and enlistment the former solo announcement of a song and concert. The self interest maniac agency around earth revealed in formal report data “it enters as Nonsan army recruit training center on April 18th and the basic military training against is hit during 5 weeks” “it will be arranged after South Gyeonggi Province Local Police Agency” in last January. The self interest maniac revealed the total of 4 tunes prior to the enlistment including the new digital single ‘I’ title song ‘D.C.Y.E (Don’t Close Your Eyes)’ in last March. After solo concert ‘I’ was held and the enlistment full fans and time when it is together was taken. The concert, at that time, the agency “‘I’ was the performance peeping at his who would like to greet the fans with the best stage mind till the live band music which fitted to the set list packed for three hours of performance time and which it sweeps over and live ability without the part to be found fault and arrangement different with the joining the army the former last solo concert of the self interest maniac” It told.
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