The resin and conduction kite · share and same mess? …”The detail harmony middle “


While JYP entertainment and exclusive contract was expired, the singer and actor Suji, as to the fact that He contacts with the management wood was known as March 31 date. The attention of the world was leaning if ‘FA big fish’ revenue and expenditure made any kind of choice, it revealed against 26 days management forest people concerned “the resin and exclusive contract relation and details are discussed”. Because the exclusive contract expiration fact of JYP entertainment and revenue and expenditure was previously known with this day, it is the more careful entrance. It is well tuned. If it is the case, the resin and management wood is related to the contract revenue and expenditure leaves for JYP entertainment which is together for 9 years and the share, conduction kite, and Woosik Choi and same mess gets to be eaten. It is the connection in which Woosik Choi belonging to JYP nests previously in the management wood after the agency and contract expiration. At the same time, moreover the will which is trying to be active as the actor that revenue and expenditure is not singer into can be peeped afterward in that it contacts and the new nest is searched. revenue and expenditure made debut in the girl group Miss a-law world of singers in 2010. It appeared in the electric conduction and ‘the architecture outline’ after acting and entered stardom.
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