… the resin and JYP are leftIt was the time of the year 9 and pleasure (speciality)


Leave JYP entertainment in which the singer and actor resin (the one’s real name water reservoir) was for 9 years. The resin and exclusive contract was expired through the official position on 26th, JYP entertainment revealed. In the meantime, the thanking mind toward the resin growing with the company was delivered for a long time. revenue and expenditure and JYP was determined according to the agency in-depth discussion for how long months that either side didn’t host the renewal under the agreement. Therefore, it seems to part company with JYP which it is together from Miss A days and the new nest seems to be followed up. FA big fish ‘ resin, as to eye and ear of the men are JYP concentrated if I and any kind of pass is shown. Under is JYP entertainment official position speciality. Hello. It is JYP entertainment (under JYP). JYP informs of come March 31st by the end that exclusive contract with the artist revenue and expenditure is expired. The time of in-depth discussion was taken for the past how long months. The either side decide not to host the renewal under the agreement. After debutting as the group Miss A (miss A) in 2010, it did best with the appearance which is passionate than this someone in JYP and revenue and expenditure was active. Give truly the revenue and expenditure presenting the pleasure it kept the unlike other people relation such as signing the renewal with the head office based on the trust which the mutual is steadfast in last 2017 once, etc which shares the joys and sorrows from the year 2010 for the long time that it is the year 9 so far and which it grows together by JYP of the gratitude greeting. Moreover, express the thankfulness to all results which the balance accomplishes together and fans sending the profuse love to the electric conduction. The official relation was ended but JYP will root for the street which revenue and expenditure will walk in the future with the sincerity. Thank you
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1749005.htm, 2019/03/26 15:39:06]