“with the musical movie · drama” Commemorate the cultural circle Ahn Jung-Geun in accordance with the 110th anniversary.


The cultural circle is showing the movement which is big and small on the occasion of 110 anniversaries of Ahn Jung-Geun Harbin in accordance with this year. The life of Ahn Jung-Geun is illuminated. The movie of the content that it praises the work and dramas is preparing. The independence was desired at Manchuria Harbin at October 26th in 1909 and Ahn Jung-Geun shot the main instigator Ito Hirobumi of the Korean peninsula invasion dead. It died for own country in the next year Rwisun prison. Today, (26 days) is 109 anniversaries of death of death of Martyr Ahn Jung-geun. The most representative work coming into mind if Ahn Jung-Geun installs is the musical ‘hero’. ‘hero’ greeting the performance in the 10th anniversary in this year is the work which sheds intensive light on the last year 1 of the Martyr Ahn Joong-geun and in which it expresses deeply the human appearance worrying in the nap of the patriot dedicated for the homeland and front of the fate. The meeting with the audiences was prepared with the stage in which the musical ‘hero’ pity “as it has this year and in the 10th anniversary when it meets in the 100th anniversary of the Samil Independence Movement caused after 10 years with the Martyr Ahn Joong-geun in accordance with” improves more the percentage of completion and it told. In the domestic major ticket agency ticket reservation rank, the hero ‘ rises per B and high is getting the high sales force and performance grade. ‘hero’ gaining recognition for the degree of box office hit and literary value altogether is getting the steady love. Jegyun Yoon director directing ‘international market’ ‘haeundae’ back this work installs this with the musical movie. Yoon director is proceeding with the work that purchases and presently makes the remake version volume of the musical ‘hero’ into the musical movie. It is making efforts in the domestic as the musical movie phosphorus trying for the first time for the high percentage of completion. The pushing ahead again comes to the Ttalri Na ‘of producing Kyongjung Choo supervision’ Harbin ‘ manufacture. This work was promoted by Korea-China collaboration in 2016 but the manufacture was temporarily stopped by the legal dispute of the Korean-Chinese relations deterioration aftereffect according to the Sadeu arrangement and director, and etc. However, it started again into the manufacture such as signing Pochun land Theme Park and movie studio support contract recently, etc. Ahn Jung-Geun related piece is shown in TV. KBS2 is planning to show the special project drama ‘the age of the hero who the loyal troops- is green’ in the second half of this year. The production cost, as to the level of 30 billion won was known to be invested into the drama which Ahn Jung-Geun commemoration meeting and corporation anti-Japan fighter for independence organization association supports. This work draws the process where it wakes up with Daehan loyal troops the chief of staff Ahn Jung-Geun who the man Aneung paints who is ‘the child gold bottom of the water’ young master leaves the blow which is the biggest in the Japanese imperialism heart. Yoonhoh Yang director catching the megaphone of the movie ‘Ramui Ba fighter’ ‘grand prix’ and drama ‘iris’ ‘criminal Minds’ up to and most Ji 0 producer making the drama ‘the man of the princess’ back in charge of direction.
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