The companion dog leader ratio manner dispute.” which Steven unscrewsIs the thief turns on the master with a club?


The actor Steven kite was embroiled in controversy by the companion dog leader unaided. His attitude it raises this dispute In the public space, he who doesn’t keep order treated ignorantly with the thief turns on the master with a club. As to the eel, the widening spread through SNS. Presently, the negative voice toward He is rising. The men whom it is the opinion of the back, it is ” I Steven consecutive fan and as to “one page of the Steven consecutive toughness gets to be seen”, Korea goes around U.S.A in 26 days Portal site and on-line community with leader inside just really the pole anti-Korean sentiment everyone My dog is the water, it does not. As to nothing, beggar ” (1030****) “the lead line is the manners” (stor****) “ㅉ ㅉ it is the Steven consecutive disappointment” (seao****) ” couple the owner seems to be not the senseless with pair. If Nam was damaged, know the apologized line. If it is hateful to argue pro and con in raising the Ji, aren’t the people to be the conduct the Jal year? The conduct is taken as the excrement and it was ” (12st****) ” Steven kite fan and the thief turns on the master with a club is disappointed in the rising sun case. One it is the puppy leader related and without the concept The appearance which it responds so that there can be no manner If it is that toughness, the unit of measure seems to be finished, ” (juhe****) ” Yae has the problem. The rising sun is like that. The noise showed the reaction of ” (peop****) back continuously. The netizen asserting previously as the victim published the exposure writing in its own Instagram “there was the really unpleasant thing with Korean resident in America actor whom many Korea is know” on 26th. He for, the dog in which it doesn’t the leader in Griffith Park saw to run up to the full speed to its own companion dog. It revealed that help was requested to the Steven consecutive couple who is the owner but rather the feeling naked bar installed this. Here, because of feeling sorry by 100 million medicines which the feeling is bad almost, it apologized. ” this Park his wife comes over much. So now, it didn’t gossip about the way in which it raises my Gae and it did. And this netizen added that Steven kite spoke ignorantly as “it is the way help which our wife is pregnant, our go just”. As to this victim, the image of the problem published in its own SNS with this kind of story. Steven kite isn’t offering any kind of position in relation with this still.
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