‘the exposure to be made Qatar cheer Mi two · broadcasting corporation first of the ten celestial stems’ this Maeri and ‘the icon of the topic’ accession to the throne?


While the broadcaster and actor this Maeri foretells the Mi two exposure, attention from netizen is leaning towards him. At last 25th, the Sunday newspaper reported to be the plan which holds the press interview so that this Maeri could disclose the Mi two. The civil organization definition solidarity revealed according to this in the Sunday newspaper “the local work is planning to be disposed and as this Maeri stay at the current Qatar returns to home country, it holds the press interview and confess the damage from rape fact in the past”. This Maeri can be well known prior to the press interview to be shy in its own SNS (the social relationship network service) at last 17th. It had been fighting with yous in 6 years. It was moreover, the complicity, it was trying to conceal it wrote and the politician from broadcaster, board of a major company, certain university professor, including, waiting on table enforcement and sexual molestation, and etc. was disclosed. At that time, this Maeri kept the shocking disclosure such as the text mentioned by the one’s real name of the people who become a problem, in addition telling indicative “the micro of you devil cannot be forgotten”, etc. Presently, it is the effaced condition. This, as to the entirely, as to the first time is not for the width of this Maeri. At June last year, this Maeri appeared on the channel A variety program ‘the Deureot show with the rumor’ and insisted “after suffering the wound when taking a picture of the SBS TV show ‘ Singisaengdyeon ‘ in 2011, it was unable to be active” and revealed “the production crew concealed the fact without the compensation”. After that, but the filming was continuously postponed this Maeri “it was negotiated in ‘ Singisaengdyeon ‘ before ten months of shooting but ‘ Ogomu ‘ must be learned with the sabee after 2 months for the title shooting and it learned eagerly”. Nothing was unable to be done, it confessed and the other work gave altogether with the surprise for 8 months. Besides, this Maeri gotten the attention as ‘qatar cheer daughter’. The appearance in which this Maeri cheers Qatar was captured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) AbxBDhabi Yaedeu Ja sports city stadium in which 2,019 Asian football lead net (AFC) Asian Cup Korea pair Qatar game opens in last January. The football journal lineup members reported at that time, the overseas Korean whom 6,000 people are over supported Korean national athlete from the match day United Arab Emirates AbxBDhabi jade sports city stadium. The cheering for Korea seat is cut out and this Maeri cheers Qatar in which Korea is not. This kind of truth was known and the criticism of Korean netizens toward He became fierce. Then this Maeri was explained “I am the man coming for Qatar national soccer team cheer in this place” “the place where it inspires the chance and energy to me who did the appearing in TV in Korea and hit much against the hurt of the mind was due to be Qatar”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1749034.htm, 2019/03/27 00:00:04]